Megxit was agenda despite Prince Harry Meghan Markle blindsiding Queen

It may have seemed sudden to millions of fans around the world when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they would be stepping down as senior members of the British royal family. The news certainly came as a shock to the aging Queen. But, a royal expert says the couple had planned this all along. 

Expert Says “Megxit” Was The Plan All Along 

Royal expert Katie Nicholl revealed in a new interview to say that Megxit was “inevitable.” Meghan and Harry “had an agenda from the outset” to become international “roving royals.”

“I was told from a very early stage in their courtship, they had told a friend of Harry’s that Meghan met quite early on that they wanted to international roving royals and that was going to be their focus,” Nicholl told the Australian media outlet 9Honey.

“So I think this idea that they were going to move away and work overseas was always on the cards but as I say, the speed at which it’s happened has definitely been surprising […],” she added. “They’ve broken away from the royal family, they’ve moved home twice—first to Canada then to California and all of this before Archie actually turned one.”

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Speedy Royal Exit

Nicholl explained that “everybody” has been surprised at how quickly Meghan and Harry made their royal exit.

“The speed at which the Sussexes have turned their lives around, has surprised everybody,” Nicholl said. “I don’t think it’s a huge surprise they moved overseas, that was inevitable. I think the speed at which it’s happened has surprised people.”

“They had an agenda from the outset to be international royals,” she added. “They didn’t want to just be stuck in one place. Part of their vision is to be making a difference on the world stage and that entails being international.”

Meghan And Harry On The Move

Meghan and Harry have certainly been on the move in recent months. They have lived in three countries in 2020 alone.

After leaving the United Kingdom earlier this year, they moved to Canada before relocating to Meghan’s hometown of Los Angeles.

They currently live in the $18 million mansion of Hollywood tycoon Tyler Perry while they look for a home of their own in the area. 

The fact that all of this happened so fast does lend credence to Nicholl’s claim that Meghan and Harry had an “agenda” from the very beginning.

Just recently we learned through various interviews that Prince Harry is struggling with his new life in Beverly Hills. He reportedly feels “rudderless” since he’s no longer in the military and is isolated.

It’s sad that Harry has seemingly so quickly allowed Meghan to convince him to turn his back on his own family. The world stage is watching the changes they’re making.

Let’s just hope that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s future plans aren’t such a shock to the Queen.

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