Julie Montagu says Meghan Markle "Americanized" Prince Harry

Julie Montagu has a lot in common with Meghan Markle. The 47-year-old grew up in Illinois but is now married to the next Earl of Sandwich. As a fellow American turned British aristocrat, Viscountess Hinchingbrooke offers unique insight into Meghan’s life and choices. Montagu spoke out this week to reveal how Meghan Markle has “Americanized” Prince Harry. 

Meghan’s Hollywood aspirations are no secret. And, now that Harry agreed to move to America, Meghan is free to chase those dreams from the luxury of her Beverly Hills mansion. Montagu herself is not just royalty through marriage but also an American entrepreneur, writer and reality television star.

This week, Montagu talked about Meghan and Harry’s new life since relocating to Los Angeles, California after the two stepped down as senior members of the British royal family. 

Meghan Markle ‘Americanized’ Prince Harry

“I think that Meghan has slightly Americanized Harry,” Julie Montagu told People magazine. “I love it.”

Montagu went on to confess that even she was surprised that Meghan and Harry were so quick to move to Hollywood from Canada. Where the couple initially moved after stepping down as senior members of the British royal family.

“I actually thought they were going to stay in Canada, just because I thought it would be more peaceful for them,” said Montagu. “I thought it was a good transition country – a good compromise.”

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As someone who moved across the world for love herself, Montagu said she can understand why Meghan wants to live near her mother.

Meghan’s mom, Doria Ragland, is a longtime resident of L.A.

Julie Montagu also defended Meghan and Harry from recent backlash. The couple came under fire after revealing the name of their charity, Archewell, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. 

“I know they’ve gotten a lot of flack from the press about announcing their new charity and then moving in the middle of COVID-19, but there’s a part of me that thinks they’re probably thinking moving now would be a good way to try and avoid being the main headline news — in one sense, trying to stay under the radar,” Montagu explained.

“I don’t think they want to be in the news. They want their projects and the charitable foundations that they support to be in the news, but they themselves don’t want to be in the news.”

Harry And Meghan Will Focus On Building A Life In America

Now that the dust has settled, Montagu thinks that Meghan and Harry will focus on building a life in America. 

“I think there are some people thinking that Harry is going to miss royal duties and the lifestyle, and I mean, he may miss parts of it,” she said. “But I think that this is what Harry’s always wanted — an escape. Anywhere is more private than being a member of the royal family in Britain.”

“Now that the dust has settled with their move and they’ve dropped their HRH titles – they’re now ready to be normal,” Montagu added. “I think that they will keep their [new] house very, very private as far as photos go.”

It’s Sad That Prince Harry Let Meghan Markle Change Him

Those who have grown attached to Harry over the years won’t be pleased that Meghan has completely changed his entire personality.

This lends credence to prior reports that Harry distanced himself from many of his old friends in the United Kingdom when he met Meghan. 

Unfortunately, Prince Harry seems to have let Meghan Markle infiltrate his life and totally change who he is at his core.

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