It’s Official: Dog The Bounty Hunter Gets Engaged, Breaking His Promise To Beth

Dog the bounty hunter engaged to girlfriend Francie Frane

Sometimes promises were meant to be broken. That’s the case for Duane “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman who is now engaged to girlfriend Francie Frane. The big news comes just ten months after his beloved wife Beth died. The heartbroken bounty hunter found love and is looking forward to the future that includes walking down the aisle again, even though he promised Beth he would date but never remarry.

Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Second Proposal Since Beth Died Last Year

Dog has really struggled since Beth died. He proposed to Beth’s friend Moon Angell earlier this year on Dr. Oz’s show.

Beth’s death was a real punch in the gut to the reality star and he didn’t appear to be handling life well on his own. Moon moved out of Dog’s house and he was able to quickly move on with someone who has gained approval from his children. 

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Francie Frane came into Dog’s life and he knew he wanted to marry her quickly. They haven’t been together long yet he felt it was right to pop the question. 

From ET

“I wasn’t expecting it at all,” Francie told the outlet.. “I think I had gone to pick up some food and then when I came back he had all the lights turned down with just a few lights on and a bunch of candles lit.”

“So when I came in I was like, ‘Wow, this is awesome.’ Then he said, ‘Come in, sit down because I need to talk to you,'” Francie recalled. “So I put all the food in the kitchen and I came in and he said, ‘I know that God brought you into my life and I don’t want to spend one moment of it without you.'”

“And he got down on one knee and he opened the ring box and he said, ‘Will you marry me and spend the rest of our lives together?'” Francie gushed. “Who can say no to that? It was wonderful.”

Dog The Bounty Hunter And Girlfriend Francie Frane Are Engaged!

Posts about Francie have dominated Dog’s Instagram account since he originally shared a picture of the couple late last month.

She lost her husband to cancer about the same time Dog lost Beth. Their grief and strong Christian faith brought this new couple together quickly.

Dog even described the relationship as a “miracle.”

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Dog’s Children Approve Of Francie Frane

Unlike with his relationship with Moon Angell, Dog and Beth’s children approve of Francie.

It’s been less than a year since Beth died and Dog is ready to move on with someone else despite his promise to not remarry. But, he will continue honoring Beth even after he ties the knot again. 

“There will never be another Mrs. Dog but it looks like there will be a final Mrs. Chapman,” Dog said. 

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