Duane Dog The Bounty Hunter Chapman girlfriend Francie Frane

Ten months after the death of his beloved wife Beth, Duane “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman has found love again with a new girlfriend who he is already saying he hopes to marry. 

Dog Professes His Love For New Girlfriend

Daily Mail reported that Dog The Bounty Hunter, 68, went public with his relationship with Colorado rancher Francie Frane at the end of March, just months after Beth died at the age of 51 following a battle with throat and lung cancer.

This week, both Dog and Frane have been opening up about their relationship more on their respective Instagram pages.

“I scream & Cry Beth where are you why did you leave me then I look up & see you Francie & the pain turns to a smile I LOVE YOU WOMAN !!” Dog wrote alongside a solo photo of Frane, 51.

Frane also took to Instagram to share what appeared to be a journal or a diary entry that was dated April 27. 

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have! So you cling to God & to His word with all your might because it’s all you know to do. Then one day I looked up from the ashes and there you stood. Wow God!” the entry stated.

Frane captured the image of the entry with a Bible quote from Isaiah 61:3, adding the words “I love you” directly to Dog.

Inside Dog The Bounty Hunter’s New Relationship

Frane lost her husband just before Dog lost Beth, so the two have bonded quickly over their shared grief and their strong Christian faith.

“It’s going really good. It’s a God relationship because it’s just like a miracle,” Dog said of their relationship when he revealed it to the world. “It’s a miracle how we met and it’s a miracle how great we’re getting along.” 

Though they’ve only been dating for a few months, Dog already feels that marriage could be on the horizon for them.

“There will never be another Mrs. Dog but it looks like there will be a final Mrs. Chapman,” Dog said when asked about the possibility of marrying Frane.

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Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Children Support This Relationship

Unlike with Dog The Bounty Hunter’s rumored relationship with Moon Angell, who he infamously proposed to on “The Dr Oz Show” earlier this year, his children seem to be in full support of this one.

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“They both lost their spouses to cancer, so they know what it’s like to go through that and they are helping each other through it,” Lyssa told The Sun. “But at the same time, they are being very respectful of each other’s grieving process.”

“She is a good woman for my dad,” she added.

Beth Chapman Never Wanted Dog To Remarry

The speed of the relationship, however, has come as a surprise to some fans given how publicly adamant Beth Chapman was about Dog The Bounty Hunter not marrying again. 

“For two to three years, she knew this might happen,” Dog told Entertainment Tonight last year. “So she would say, ‘Who is going to sit next to you?’ And I said, ‘No one.’”

When she said, “Big Daddy, you better not let another girl take my place,” he promised, “I won’t.”

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