As chaos continues to escalate after the death of George Floyd, who died in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota, video is going viral showing a Target in Minneapolis being violently looted by angry rioters. 

Rioters Break Into Target Near Minneapolis Police Station

Daily Wire reported that protesters busted into a Target store located near the 3rd Precinct Police Department, where a protest over Floyd’s death had just taken place.

WCCO’s Jeff Wagner, who was on the scene, said that while the protest itself at the police station had been peaceful, things quickly devolved as rioters broke into the closed Target store. 

“People busted it open,” Wagner reported from inside the Target via Facebook Live. “The Target has been closed, but people just busted it open.”

Looting at the Target next to Minneapolis PD 3rd Precinct. The store is closed but the windows were smashed. WCCO-TV | CBS Minnesota

Posted by Jeff Wagner WCCO on Wednesday, May 27, 2020


“People are looting; people are looting in Target right now,” he added as he showed the chaotic scene of mayhem around the store.

“People are legitimately looting in Target right now. People are loading up carts, taking what they can. This is legitimately happening.”

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Total Chaos Ensues

In the video, people can be seen sprinting around the store grabbing anything that they can, including TVs. They then load up carts and take off with the stuff. Others are just destroying the store.

“It’s chaos out here,” Wagner later added “That guy’s got a TV right there. He unplugged a TV and he’s walking out with it.”

Violent protests against Floyd’s death are occurring in Minneapolis as well as in other cities across the country, such as Los Angeles. All four of the officers have been fired. And, Floyd’s death is being investigated by the FBI and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. 

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Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Fray asked for peace early this morning:

The fire department said Thursday they were called out to around 30 fires along Lake Street the previous evening, with rocks thrown damaging their equipment. At least 16 fires involved damage to buildings, they said.

Looters were still removing items from destroyed stores today. Other nearby stores including Walmart and AutoZone were also ransacked as was a Wendy’s.

Minneapolis Department Police Chief John Elder blasted the actions of looters and rioters. He said it was ‘disrespectful’ to Floyd’s family and to all the people who gathered peacefully to get justice for Floyd’s death.

‘If people are there to truly honor the man and his family this isn’t how you do it and it’s so disrespectful and it’s heartbreaking,’ he said. ‘People are utilizing this as a purpose just to make bad decisions.’

The city requested support from the National Guard to help bring the violence under control.