Triple H Canceling WrestleMania

Triple H On Canceling WrestleMania 36

Triple H Canceling WrestleMania


The decision to move forward with WrestleMania 36 or postpone the event completely was constantly being discussed by WWE brass. And, that included none other than Triple H.

In an interview with ESPN, the former champion discussed just what went into the ultimate decision – and how very close the promotion was to calling off the show completely for this year.

Everything Changed In 24 Hours 

“We were going through the minute-by-minute of what was happening,” he said (thanks to Wrestling Inc. for the quotes). “It’s amazing how quickly all of this happened. On Wednesday March 11, we were actually doing an event out of the Performance Center in Orlando that actually had fans at it. And I had mentioned to Vince, ‘Maybe we should leave some of this stuff up just in case, it just seems like things are going in a weird direction very quickly.’ In a 24-hour period after that everything was shutting down. It’s like everybody, playing it by ear.

“We can also do this in a way from an entertainment standpoint, from a Hollywood standpoint and a fictional standpoint that we can kind of control the environment and do this in a way that really nobody else can. And that’s what we’ve been able to do with WrestleMania. We’ve been able to continue the product, continue to put the event on, do it in the safest way possible, with minimal staff, no fans but we feel like it’s necessary.”

The event was recorded at the WWE Performance Center and will air this Saturday and Sunday on the WWE Network and pay-per-view.

Postponing or canceling Was Discussed 

“I think (postponing or canceling) was obviously considered but we feel like it’s an obligation for us,” he said. “Our fans have been there for us for years and years and years and we want to be there for them in this time where everybody is just doing the best to get through this, stuck home and the world needs entertainment right now. We feel an obligation to give them that. Whether it’s exactly what we would like it to be or they would like it to be, it probably won’t be. But it will be a version of that. We will make it the spectacle that it needs to be and that we can to the best of our ability and we’ll give the fans something to be entertained by.”

AEW Mocks Vince McMahon

Brodie Lee Vince McMahon

For the second consecutive week, AEW’s Dark Order led by Brodie Lee mocked Vince McMahon.

After making his debut in a segment a week ago as part of AEW Dynamite, Lee again used a video segment to take some subtle jabs at McMahon, his former boss while working in the WWE.

Some of the main points included Lee getting upset after a fellow Dark Order member stated “we are one” and also when another yawned. McMahon has been known as a my-way-or-the-highway person, and he has also verbally attacked wrestlers or other personalities who have yawned in his presence.

The 40-year-old Lee, real name Jonathan Huber, requested his release from the WWE late in 2019. He signed with AEW in March, revealing himself as “The Exalted One” and the leader of The Dark Order.