Mike Rowe respects blue collar American workers

Former “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe is lifting up the essential workers who are keeping America going during the coronavirus pandemic. In a series of interviews, Rowe honors the blue collar workers who deserve the utmost respect – pandemic or not – in a country that has put far more emphasis on white collar jobs in recent years. His hope is clearly that this situation will bring about a deeper appreciation for essential workers. Rowe urges people to be kind and praise the often overlooked blue collar workers. 

Mike Rowe Knows the Value Of America’s Essential Workers

Mike Rowe told “Fox & Friends” on Monday that this pandemic is showing Americans how important frontline workers and small business owners are to our daily lives. 

Rowe said:

“Suddenly, people who never thought of themselves as essential, are critical.” 

He went on to say that both “Dirty Jobs” and his new show “Returning the Favor” highlight the importance of workers who are often overlooked. The show champions the very real people who are often taken for granted, but that keep our country going – the real heroes. 

“Returning The Favor” is a reality web series in which Rowe travels all over the country talking with people who are giving back to their communities. 

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Rowe explained that each of these shows are meant to “tap the country on the shoulder” and make Americans realize how critical these workers are every day. 

“I used to have to shake people by the lapels to get them to pay attention to the fact that somewhere, out of sight, out of mind, a guy whose name you don’t know, you can’t find on a map, is doing something to make your life better. Now, everybody gets it,” he said.

Mike Rowe Praises Truck Drivers

On Wednesday, Rowe gave another interview in which he praised other workers like truck drivers who often go unnoticed. He says they deserve our respect and admiration as well. 

“You know, right now this country is held together by people who bring us stuff and cables and pipes,” he told Fox Nation. “That contain the magic dust that allows us to have conversations like this and zoom with the people we care about or go-to meeting or whatever the technology is. It’s really come down to the reliability of an Internet connection and the dependability of an Amazon Prime driver.”

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Rowe has been fighting for the rights of blue collar workers for years. Yet, American society has long placed a higher value on those who are white collar.

If Americans take anything away from this pandemic, we hope that it is the fact that our country would be nothing without the hardworking blue collar Americans who keep our nation going every day. 

His Mom’s New Book

While we’re living in difficult times, and Mike Rowe has a very serious agenda in praising American workers, he still has found moments to have some fun this week.

The 58-year-old TV host appeared on “The Brian Kilmeade Show” on Tuesday with his mother Peggy. She’s written a book called “About Your Father and Other Celebrities I Have Known: Ruminations and Revelations from a Desperate Mother to Her Dirty Son.”

As the title indicates, the book is written about Rowe’s dad. And, Rowe’s mom reveals some things about him that the television host never wanted to know.

“Is this too much information?” Peggy asked Rowe as she told a story about his father’s bathroom habits.

“It could be worse. The book could be a pop-up,” he replied.

Even so, Rowe thinks this is a book that can bring smiles to Americans’ faces at a time when they really need it. He has a special relationship with his mom and has shared some of the letters she’s written to him in the past and an email about lightning.

“Leave it to my mother to write a truly funny book at the height of the plague,” he said. “It hits the shelves today. No one’s going to be in front of the shelves so we’re on your show to shamelessly flog this thing.” 

Mike Rowe is doing what he does best — he’s spending time during this pandemic lifting up the hardworking people who are the backbone of America when we need it most.

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