Mike Rowe

A video has just resurfaced on Facebook in which Mike Rowe reads a letter from his mother.

Anyone who knows anything about the “Dirty Jobs” host knows that he shares a close bond with his mother, Peggy. In this video, you’ll see Mike read a humorous letter from his mother detailing her harrowing trip home with her husband after they’d gone to visit their son. The story is sure to bring a smile to your face, just as it did Mike’s!

Peggy has been giving more interviews in the past few months as she promotes her book “About My Mother: True Stories of a Horse-Crazy Daughter and Her Baseball-Obsessed Mother,” which she describes as “a love letter to mothers everywhere.”

CBN News reported that Peggy recently said that her goal in writing the book was to have a positive impact on our culture.

“I can’t control what happens in the world. I can only control my little piece of the world and that is my writing,” she explained. “And in my book About My Mother, I have written stories that will honestly make you feel good and give you hope and make you laugh also. That’s my contribution to the world.”

Mike could not be more proud of his mother for the book she has written.

“What my mom has done with these stories, in my view, is tap the country on the shoulder and remind us that there’s more to life than the stuff that’s in the headlines,” Mike said, adding that “we’re living in a terribly fractured time when most of the country can’t seem to agree on anything.”

Like his mother, Mike would like to see the country come together more and start focusing on things that unify us rather than drive us apart. He would like to help people find a “kinder, gentler way of communicating that used to be the norm and now isn’t.”

“The country is listening to some sort of warning sign … and every day, every minute, every headline is just a reminder that something, somewhere is rotten or dangerous or hazardous,” Mike said.

We could all learn a lot from Mike and Peggy, and he is one lucky man to have a mother like her in his life!

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