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Meghan Markle is likely fuming mad after trolls redirected her and Prince Harry’s new Archewell Foundation website to a video of Kanye West’s “Gold Digger.” The prank was pretty clear in documenting the belief that Markle just married Harry for his fame and fortune. 

On Tuesday, the former senior royals announced they were launching Archewell Foundation, named after their son Archie, to replace their Sussex Royal brand.

The two were lambasted for making this untimely announcement as Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to the ICU. Many felt the timing was rather heartless and calculating in an attempt to overtake concerns over the conservative Prime Minister’s health.

The Royal Family has been working hard to raise spirits during the pandemic, and Harry and Meghan had to insert themselves in an attempt to grab the spotlight. It’s all about them. 

Meghan and Harry made a major faux pas by failing to register the domain name in advance of their announcement.

A wise person who noticed that mistake, quickly purchased it and went to work telling the world what he thought about the actress turned princess who used the fame of her royal title to springboard back to Hollywood. 

Meghan Markle’s Speedy Royal Social Climb

In less that two years, 38-year-old Markle married Prince Harry to worldwide fanfare. They had a child. Then earlier this year, the couple announced on Instagram they were resigning as senior royals, blindsiding the Queen and other members of the family.

First, they moved to Canada then back to Meghan’s hometown of Los Angeles. She’s has come full circle and is now in demand since she has a Prince on her arm.

Also, of importance is that she got Prince Harry to move to California, a state that would demand Harry hand over fifty percent of his wealth to Meghan in the event of a divorce, which is mentioned in “Gold Digger.”

This is why many so believe Meghan Markle is a gold digger.

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The redirection of the website was quickly noticed by people on social media. It has since been corrected, but the tweet below shows what it looked like.

The Queen’s Coronavirus Speech On Other Harry And Meghan Website

Now the Archewell Foundation website says it cannot be reached.

But, the trolling continued as a similar domain was setup: The site’s only content on the site is Queen Elizabeth’s speech earlier this week about the coronavirus pandemic.

It was titled, “We Will Meet Again.”

Whoever did this certainly is rather brilliant with getting the attention of people.

Meghan Markle tossed her own paternal family aside and now she pushed Harry away from his family. She was a D list actress before marrying Harry. Now, she’s looking to be the top name on marquees. 

Gold diggers seems like a rather appropriate label. 

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Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” video can be seen below. Does it make you think of Meghan Markle?

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