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Kevin Sorbo of “Hercules” fame spoke out last week to spotlight the fact that liquor stores, marijuana dispensaries, and abortion clinics are still open while churches are closed. The Christian actor sees the moral dilemma of abortion clinics being deemed ‘essential’ as a prime example of what’s wrong in this country.

Kevin Sorbo Condemns Closing Churches Before Abortion Clinics 

The 61-year-old is not one to shy away from the type of Christian and conservative sentiment that can ruin a Hollywood career.

In fact, the actor has outright said this his publicly conservative, Christian views derailed his Hollywood career: Kevin Sorbo Discusses How Being Conservative “Hurt My Career”

But that hasn’t stopped him, Sorbo now opts for roles in conservative indy films and actively calls out anti-Christian bigotry in America.

The Minnesota native targeted liberal acceptance of alcohol, drugs, and abortion over religion in his latest tweet.

“In a nation where liquor stores, marijuana dispensaries, and abortion clinics are deemed ‘essential’ by government bureaucrats during the coronavirus outbreak, and church attendance is judged non-essential, we don’t have to study long to diagnose the morbid condition of America,” Sorbo tweeted on Friday.

Unfortunately, what Sorbo is saying here is the truth.

Right now in America you can get an abortion but you cannot go to church. Even worse, those who try to attend church, even if social distancing, face sanctions in some states.

Worshipers Fined $500 For Drive-In Church Service

While churches all over the nation are closed because they aren’t considered “essential” by the government, abortion clinics are still killing babies with no issues whatsoever.

Meanwhile, in Greenville, Mississippi, churchgoers were fined $500 for just sitting in their cars in their church parking lot listening to a service broadcast over the radio. 

Pastor Arthur Scott held a drive-in church service for his congregants, many of whom are elderly.

Those listening to the service were still practicing social distancing by sitting in their individual cars with the windows shut.

Despite the safety precautions, police still raided the parking lot and wrote tickets for everyone.

You can see this unsettling incident in the video below.

Liberals Take Texas To Supreme Court On Abortion Amid COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic brings our nation to its knees, liberals all over the country remain committed to abortion activism.

These leftist politicians are happy to waste their time and energy to ensure that women can still get abortions.

Case in point – when  Texas tried to put a temporary ban on abortion, all Hell broke loose. Their goal was to curb all non-essential medical procedures so that those resources could be reallocated to fight coronavirus.

But Planned Parenthood is now taking the state of Texas all the way to the Supreme Court on the issue. 

Kevin Sorbo really hit the nail on the head. This really is a sad commentary on our current society.

Abortion, liquor stores, and even marijuana dispensaries are being considered “essential”.

Yet America’s churches are not. To the extent, worshipers can’t even visit a church parking lot in their car.

Have we as a nation really moved that far away from God that it has come to this? 

There is no arguing that our society needs to focus our effort and energy on defeating coronavirus right now.

But, once this is over, we need to refocus on faith and priorities as a nation.

There are some tough times ahead for all of us. We’ll get through it with each other and God’s help – not liquor or drugs. And certainly not killing babies. 

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