John Stossel And Kevin Sorbo Blow The Lid Off Hollywood Bias Against Conservatives In New Interview

John Stossel's interview with Hercules' Kevin Sorbo highlights the bias in Hollywood against actors who lean to the right, or even the middle.

Hollywood has incredible bias and has even become hostile towards Conservatives. Most shows, whether they are on television, radio, or the big screen, are served up with a heaping scoop of the liberal agenda. John Stossel’s interview with Hercules’ Kevin Sorbo highlights how bad things actually are for actors who lean to the right, or even the middle.

Hollywood Bias Against Conservatives

Tinseltown is getting some heat right now for bias. But the current uproar has nothing to do with discrimination regarding points of view. Instead, it has everything to do with the current progressive pet projects of gender and racial bias.

It’s actually comical hearing out of touch left wing entertainers who make millions of dollars complain that they are being paid enough.

In his video, John Stossel details how Hollywood makes capitalism to be the big boogeyman in many storylines. They even distort basic facts to protect socialist ideals.

In “Jack Ryan” on Netflix, it isn’t socialism that has destroyed Venezuala and created a massive humanitarian conflict. Rather, they blame nationalism for this crisis. Even worse, they paint social justice as what will save Venezuela while socialism is what has caused all this suffering.

Hollywood has reversed reality to help drive the progressive agenda they want to shove down American’s throats.

Sorbo Banned From Comicon

While Hollywood is all about diversity, there is no room for diversity of thought. Hollywood not only tolerates but encourages bias against anyone with right-of-center thinking.

Conservative actors often feel the heat and it affects their future roles and earnings when they speak out politically. Liberal entertainers are free to speak their mind in Tinseltown, but not Republicans.

Kevin Sorbo explains how having a Christian Conservative has branded him as a “double leper” in Hollywood. He was even banned from a Comicon because he is a Republican!

From OC Register:

“They’re the ones who say, ‘We need to be tolerant; we need to have love,’” observes Sorbo. But “they’re the most anti-tolerant people… Every movie, every TV show … there’s always some point, someplace, where they’ll pretty much degrade anybody who’s conservative or Republican.”

Sorbo’s long time manager dumped him and he has been ostracized from traditional Hollywood roles after he came out as a Conservative.

But that wasn’t about to deter the ‘Hercules: The Legendary Journey” star. He shifted gears and made his own movies to combat this discrimination. In doing so, he has helped fill a void for Christian movie goers and it has paid off in spades. (RELATED: Kevin Sorbo’s New Christian Movie ‘The Reliant’ Takes A Stand For The Second Amendment)

Sorbo’s response to Hollywood’s rejection was to make his own movies. He says his Christian drama “God’s Not Dead” cost $2 million to make but earned $140 million.

Other conservative and Christian movies have done well. Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” is America’s highest-grossing R-rated film ever.

Perhaps competition from Christian moviemakers will be what helps change Hollywood. Just look at the unexpected box office success of I Can Only Imagine. Money talks after all.

Watch Stossel and Sorbo examine Hollywood bias in the video below:

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