Joy Behar addresses The View retirement rumors

Variety magazine recently reported that Joy Behar is planning on retiring from the ABC daytime talk show “The View.” The opinionated 77-year-old is the longest running co-host in the show’s history, and was among the original panels when the talked show debuted in 1997. Behar is one of the most outspoken liberals at the table so her exit could dramatically alter the dynamic and volatility of the long-standing daytime show. 

Is Joy Behar Retiring From ‘The View’?

Behar was fired in 2013 when executives wanted to direct the show in a different directions with less political bend.

The redhead is a firebrand leftist who feels the need to politicize everything. That alienates some daytime viewers.

But, the new style of “The View” didn’t work very well and so Behar regained her seat on the all-woman panel.

Undoubtedly, it would be quite the big change if the sharp-tongued Behar headed for the exit permanently.

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Behar’s contract is up in two years and it was reported that was all the time she was willing to give. She was going to punch her timecard in 2022 and walk away.

“The View” is essentially free advertisement for Democrats an hour each weekday. Losing Behar would be a big blow to the DNC.

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“I have a three-year contract,” Behar said, according to Variety. “But that doesn’t mean I can’t leave if I want to, because they can’t really do anything to me at this point. I don’t see myself staying for more [time]. That’s it! I could be wrong. If I’m as fabulous in [2022] as I am now, I’ll think about. But the chances of that happening…” She paused to reflect. “You know, time marches on. I’m not a kid.”

Joy Behar Takes A Break From ‘The View’

Behar recently took a break from the show during the coronavirus pandemic they were still filming on site with all the co-hosts.

She said this was because of the fact that she was at a high risk of complications if she contracted the deadly virus. 

BACKSTORY: Joy Behar Leaves ‘The View’ Because Of Coronavirus

“I’m in a higher risk group because of my age, but I’m perfectly healthy,” she said. “I don’t look my age, but I’m actually up there. The number makes me dizzy.”

Behar’s absence gave viewers a taste of what ABC’s “The View” might look like in a post Joy Behar era. 

With all the rumors now floating around and being published, the liberal comedienne decided to clear the air. The New York native told viewers that if she is as “fabulous” in 2022 as she is now, she will likely remain on the show. 

“I’m not leaving the show!” The rumors of my retirement have been greatly exaggerated,” she said on Thursday’s show.

She went onto say that right wing media would miss her if she were to leave television. 

Meghan McCain’s body language was very strict suggesting that she wouldn’t mind seeing the liberal firebrand leave, but the conservative leaning McCain eventually gave in and said she wanted Behar to stay. 


Unfortunately, it looks like America might have to put up with Joy Behar a little bit longer. Fortunately for us, we have the option of not tuning in. 

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