‘The View’ Co-Hosts React To ‘Shark Tank’ Kevin O’Leary’s Prediction That Trump Can’t Lose In November

Kevin O'Leary of "Shark Tank" explained why he believes President Trump is guaranteed re-election in 2020 while on "The View".

Kevin O’Leary of “Shark Tank” surprised the ladies of “The View” when he stated that he is confident that Donald Trump will win re-election in November. The liberal co-hosts treated O’Leary’s supporting facts like vampires reacting to sunshine.

These far-left ladies don’t make any bones about the fact that they vehemently oppose the President and are doing what they can to promote the Democrats on their ABC talk show.

“Shark Tank” O’Leary isn’t even a Trump cheerleader. But, as a businessman, he understands the economy and its influence on voters. For that reason, the self-made multimillionaire sees the low unemployment ratings as a surefire sign that Donald Trump is going to be calling 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue home for another four years.

Kevin O’Leary Visits “The View”

Kevin O’Leary comes from a middle class family. The 65-year-old gets his business smarts from his mom and his telltale charisma from his Irish father. O’Leary successfully combined these traits to become one of the richest businessman in the entire world. His self-made success story gives him a unique perspective on what will truly drive votes in November.

“In history, there’s never been, in modern times, ever, a president of either party that’s ever lost their mandate when unemployment was under 4 percent, ever,” O’Leary told the flabbergasted panel of “The View”.

Fellow “Shark Tank” star Mark Cuban, however, wants to hold out hope. “There’s always a first,” Cuban retorted.

Though he was outnumbered, O’Leary wasn’t having it. “It’s not going to happen,” he replied to Cuban. “It’s not going to happen this time.”

Not surprisingly, Joy Behar did NOT like what she was hearing. So the countered that Donald Trump is not popular making his re-election unlikely.

But, we all know that numbers don’t lie. And that history can predict the future.

“Look, I’m not pro-Trump — I’m not pro or con anybody,” O’Leary continued. “I’m just saying, I’m an investor. I have to think about policy, and I think the chance that Bernie is going to turn this country into a communist country is zero.”

O’Leary Talks Trump. v. Bernie On ‘The View’

January U.S. unemployment numbers were 3.6%. That is astonishingly low. It means this country is almost at full employment. There are jobs available for people who are willing to work.

Americans historically vote with their wallets and, while Bernie Sanders might try to buy votes with “free stuff,” it’s not going to work in a successful economy. And certainly not in a country that was built on capitalism, personality responsibility, and freedom.

Kevin O’Leary also made it clear that he is no fan of Bernie Sanders while on “The View”.

He believes Bernie absolutely wrecked himself in Florida by mildly praising Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Cuban refugees and their families that have settled in the Sunshine State will not forget that come November.

Trump’s Re-Election And Coronavirus

The ladies of “The View” had one final counterpoint for O’Leary. They went as far as to suggest that Coranavirus could tank unemployment if the virus reaches epidemic levels in the United States.

Imagine hating our President so much that you’d wish illness and possibly death on thousand and thousands of Americans just in the hopes of preventing his re-election.

But then, Joy Behar, has admitted before that President Trump just makes her ‘nutty’.

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Whether you like Donald Trump or not, you have to recognize presidents are re-elected in a booming economy.


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