Jeff Dunham puppets coronavirus PSA videos

We all are a little stir crazy from isolating in our homes during the coronavirus pandemic. Loads of people are taking to the internet to offer up their hot takes and quarantine style entertainment. That includes Jeff Dunham and his band of merry puppets, who offer us some advice on how to handle life during coronavirus.

Jeff knows just how to keep America laughing – even in the tough times. The comedic ventriloquist has been called a ‘dressed-down version of Don Rickles’.

Thankfully, Jeff is posting videos on his YouTube channel to help us cope and lighten the mood a bit.

The comedian pulled everyone out to give us some different perspectives and much-needed advice on how to handle this crisis. 

“Social Distancing Before It Was Fashionable”

Walter is a bit of an expert on keeping his space from others.

This curmudgeon isn’t a fan of other people so isolating in place isn’t so awful for him.

“I’ve been social distancing before it was fashionable,” Walter tells his fans.

“If you’re out in public, you need to avoid any of the idiots that are out in public.”

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Achmed perhaps offers up the hottest of takes regarding fighting off this invisible enemy.

“This virus can be killed by household bleach, alcohol and plastic explosives,” the dead terrorist advises. 

If you are a Jeff Dunham fan, the video below will provide you with a much needed laugh!

Walter’s Coronavirus PSA

Jeff Dunham’s Walter is known for giving straight-forward and rather blunt commentary.

The grumpy old man doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him. If he has something to complain about, he will!

But, in a second coronavirus PSA video, Walter is very subdued and surprisingly gentle.

He does offer some important advice not to kill your spouse.

Even though your spouse might be getting on your last nerve as you are stuck in the house together, don’t do it.

Regardless if the stay-at-home orders drag out for a while, giving you ample opportunity to cover your tracks, don’t do it.

Even Walter knows it’s not worth it. 

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Watch the video below to see the softer side of Walter. 

Jeff Dunham Introduces A New Puppet

Walter also has another PSA video about homeschooling your children.

This is a challenging time for many parents who suddenly are charged with being teachers of our kids who know how to push our buttons. 

After Walter gets done offering up some complaints, Jeff Dunham  shows off a new puppet that he is building and will soon be debuting to his fans!


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