Elizabeth Hasselbeck hits back at Meghan McCain about praying on "The View"

Former “The View” panelist Elisabeth Hasselbeck just fired back at current cohost Meghan McCain after McCain criticized her for praying about coronavirus during an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” last week.

Meghan McCain Slams Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Page Six reported that while speaking to host Andy Cohen, McCain slammed Hasselebeck for allegedly saying that prayer and Purell was her main defense against coronavirus.

“Yeah, somebody actually sent me a screenshot of my face when she actually said that,” Meghan told Cohen. “I was, I took this virus seriously from the very beginning and thought, wow, this rhetoric was really dangerous.”

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Fires Back

Hasselbeck fired back at McCain on Instagram, where she expressed her confusion as to why McCain had gone after her. 

“Getting kids to bed and apparently @meghanmccain is tossing out some anger my way,” Hasselbeck said. “Meghan- i am going to call you and handle this in the best socially distanced direct manner possible – but hey girl – We are all just doing our best, and I don’t know why you are taking an opportunity to be so aggressive toward me during such a stressful time.”

She went on to say that she had always been a “vocal defender” of the McCain family and wanted to clarify her initial statements so that she would not be “misrepresented.”

“Get your quotes right. I never said I had the power to pray covid away,” Hasselbeck said. “The day at the view I came to visit y’all because our hometown had been slammed with a tornado and lives were lost and a school needed help and I was trying to get word out. Nyc was not even in social distancing yet. It was March 11th- it was before anyone was even quarantining – It was the last day the show was in studio, and your mayor was still encouraging visitors to Chinatown and still working out in gyms!”

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Hasselbeck concluded, “my quote was that ‘I am going to pray and purell.’ PRAYER will ALWAYS be my FIRST RESPONSE AND MY BEST DEFENSE ???.”

Conservative Women Should Support Each Other

These two women actually have a lot in common. Both of them have experience facing off as the lone conservative voice on the liberal talk show “The View”.

So it seems odd that McCain would choose to call Hasselbeck out for praying. No one should ever be criticizing for leaning on prayer. Especially in the tough times.

Conservative women need to stand together and support one another now more than ever. Let’s hope these two can mend fences and stand united on the issues that matter. 

Especially if these two are the closest thing right-of-center women get to representation on “The View”.

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