Why Paige Missed SmackDown + WWE Backstage Suspended

Paige missed SmackDown and we are now learning why. Also, WWE Backstage has been suspended along with many other places due to coronavirus fears.

Why Paige Missed SmackDown

Why Paige Missed SmackDown
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Leading up to this bizarre, audience-free SmackDown, there was a ton of hype about Paige returning to the show. The intent was to have Paige confront Bayley. The great mystery was, what was she going to address. Sadly, we will have to wait to find out what, because Paige missed SmackDown.

With the world dealing with the corona virus pandemic, a lot has been getting impacted. Travel is one of those areas of life getting impacted. At the beginning of SmackDown this week, WWE quickly brought up Paige. It was said that she was not on the show this week due to travel issues, and we jumped into a women’s tag match instead.

Paige took to social media to explain why she was missing the blue brand show. Turns out, it really was a travel issue.

Now the big question is, when will we get to see Paige? More important, when will we get to hear what the former Superstar had (and has) to say?

Best guess would be either the  next WWE Backstage, or next Friday’s episode of SmackDown. The challenge for another SmackDown is, best guess, that is yet another show minus an audience. Will WWE choose to delay the confrontation another week, to happen in an empty arena?

WWE Backstage Suspended

CM Punk returns at the WWE Royal Rumble?

Corona virus is wreaking havoc around the globe. As the week winds down, just looking at the sports landscape, the spreading virus has put basically all major sports on hiatus. Major League Baseball ceased Spring Training and delayed the start of its season. The NHL and NBA suspended their seasons. Vince McMahon’s XFL saw it’s return season cancelled. Now, the virus can claim another scalp: FS1, home of WWE Backstage, has cancelled live studio shows for at least a week.

One of those shows, of course, is the aforementioned WWE Backstage. The show that is now not happening was set to feature Rhea Ripley and the return of CM Punk. Ripley, of course, is hyping her title defense against Charlotte. For Punk, it would have been his first appearance on the show in over a month.

While the cancellation is just another curveball as things are cancelled or suspended left and right, it is a smart move. That said, it would have been interesting to see what both Ripley and Punk had to say. There’s been no word (yet) on whether those guests will simply be delayed a week or not. Punk, in particular, is always a fun guest. We will have to see if WWE Backstage returns next week.

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