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Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey is using his platform to fight the coronavirus pandemic with a powerful PSA in which he paid tribute to healthcare officials and urged Americans to stay home. 

Breitbart News reported that McConaughey began his PSA, which he posted to Instagram today, by saying that “we are at war.”

“We Are At War”

“We are at war with a virus, and healthcare troops and first responders are on the frontline fighting it every day,” McConaughey said. “Staying home is not a retreat. It’s the most brave and aggressive weapon we have against this enemy. ‘Cause when we do stay at home, we help prevent overwhelming our hospitals while buying time for our scientists to find the vaccine.”

“And that is how we beat it,” he added. 

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This comes after McConaughey told the Associated Press that he is currently living in his hometown of Austin, Texas with his wife and three children.

The actor’s mother is also living with his family after McConaughey took her out of her assisted living home to join his household.

He added that he has been staying busy in social isolation working on a new book, and that none of his upcoming projects in Hollywood have been impacted by the shut down.

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Matthew McConaughey Calls For Unity Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Matthew McConaughey, 50, also released another coronavirus PSA yesterday calling for unity during this difficult time.

“We’re all more dependent on each other than we ever have been. But we have an enemy in coronavirus that is faceless, that is raceless, sexless, non-denominational, and bipartisan,” he said. “And it’s an enemy that we all agree we’re going to beat. We wanna beat and and we’re gonna beat ’em.”

Matthew McConaughey Urges People Not To Panic

In a third video, the Academy Award-winner talked about the importance of not panicking.

“We gotta buy more time for the people on the frontlines trying to contain this virus,” McConaughey said. “We gotta buy more time for the scientists who are gonna find us a vaccine for the virus. The best way to do that, the best way for us to buy more time right now, is for you and I, if we can, to stay at home.”

We’ve seen countless celebrities and politicians politicizing coronavirus. Even Ryan Reynolds felt compelled to call those tone deaf celebrities out in a video his own. 

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So it’s refreshing to see an A-list actor like Matthew McConaughey using his vast celebrity platform to instead call for unity and strength.

If only more celebrities could put politics aside and use their bring people together as McConaughey did. Alright, alright.

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