George Carlin Predicted Coronavirus Response In This 1999 Video

George Carlin's "You Are Diseased" is still funny 20 years later and quite poignant as the comic tackles hand washing and the pandemic to come.

Stand-up comedian George Carlin never held back what was on his mind. As a comic and social critic, he pushed the envelope with his humor in a way that challenged us to think. In his stand-up special “You Are All Diseased,” Carlin even took on germs and hand washing. A clip from that special is incredibly relevant today as people here in the U.S. and abroad react to the coronavirus pandemic.

George Carlin’s “You Are All Diseased”

In his “You Are All Diseased” special, Carlin told his audience that Americans are trading away freedom for some security.

Twenty-one years after this 1999 special, it’s easy to imagine what the comic would think of the state of the world today. He was not just a comedian but also a social critic who would mock his own crowds ruthlessly.

In this rather pertinent bit, Carlin even tackles how constant hand washing makes us weak and more prevalent to illness. Suggesting that we weaken our immune systems by sanitizing everything.

He even predicts a pandemic like the one we are currently experiencing. It’s not hard to imagine what George Carlin would be saying today as he already said it back in 1999!

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In this routine, Carlin lays waste to the notion of Americans getting so worked up about germs, while allowing the media to whip them into a frenzy. He rightly observes that our immune system needs exercise, and mercilessly mocks people who obsess over cleanliness. He may or may not talk about swimming in sewage and how often he washes his hands after using the bathroom.

“If I drop food on the floor, I pick it up AND EAT IT!!!,” Carlin tells his audience. 

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George Carlin On Obsessive Handwashing

George Carlin was a fan of the First Amendment and an enemy of political correctness. He also was an enemy of washing your hands more than necessary.

This stand-up clip is very funny and has held up very well for over two decades.  In his typical brand of fashion, the video will have you laughing, even laughing at yourself.

BUT – the language is not safe for work or little ears that might be hanging around while school is out. So turn the volume down and get ready to laugh as you watch the video below. 

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