Fear Roman Reigns' Health

Fear For Roman Reigns’ Health

Fear Roman Reigns' Health

WrestleMania 36 has undergone so many changes and they seem to continue. Almost every change in someway involves around the coronavirus. Possibly the biggest moment occurred days ago, when Roman Reigns informed WWE that he would not work the show. He was set to challenge Universal Champion Bill Goldberg in one of the marquee matches. 

Reigns’ reasoning was due to his battle with leukemia. His immune system is not the best and he is susceptible to illness. With some WWE personal not feeling well or being medically cleared to work, Reigns did not feel safe. During the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Melter mentioned how Reigns might not be able to appear on WWE TV for the forceable future. 

“[Reigns] probably shouldn’t be doing this for a long time,” said Meltzer. “This is not about WrestleMania this is about long after WrestleMania. Until this thing is way under control and I’m not talking about it being in control enough where we’re out going to restaurants again, but way under control or there’s a vaccine, and hopefully that’s soon.”

Right now, the coronavirus is not showing any signs of slowing down. The amount of cases and deaths keeps increasing each day. At this rate, the United States is becoming one of the epicenters of the virus.  

Also, there is no vaccine for the virus and it could take over a year until one is developed. In the meantime, Reigns might be off TV as a safety precaution. The most important thing right now is that Reigns focuses on his health. Whenever the virus can be controlled with a vaccine, WWE can easily bring him back to TV. The story here, safety outweighs pro wrestling.

Chris Jericho Has AEW Redo Segment

When All Elite Wrestling was formed, Chris Jericho was one of the first names to join and probably the biggest. So, he has a big say in how AEW handles their TV show. And, that is exactly what happened on Wednesday’s episode of AEW Dynamite.

The final segment featured Chris Jericho addressing Matt Hardy helping The Elite. It resulted in a brawl between members of The Elite and Inner Circle, with Hardy getting involved.

The angle was taped on Tuesday and in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, they stated Jericho “hated it.” Since the segment was shot at night in an outdoor arena, the redone part was filmed last minute. Part of the angle was redone and edited about 15 minutes before the segment aired. Everyone was pleased with how the second version came out.

Last night, Jericho confirmed the last minute change during a Facebook Live Stream.

“They filmed it the night before,” said Jericho. “They filmed one version of it and I wasn’t there. “And it we get into Wednesday and I didn’t really like the way that it turned out. It wasn’t my vision, really. So, we said, ‘Let’s do it again Wednesday,’ and we’ll do it right before the show starts.’ Keep in mind, there’s nobody coming into the venue. We thought we’d film this at 8 [in the morning], but the problem was the sun hadn’t gone down yet, so it was still fairly light inside the venue.”

Also, the idea was not that Hardy was teleporting throughout the arena. Instead, Vanguard 1 used holograms to project Hardy’s image.

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