10 Big Booking Mistakes

The WWE have started preparing for the Showcase of the Immortals. While there is a pretty stacked card already, there are also some clear booking problems.

1. Roman Reigns Versus Goldberg

Roman Reigns versus Goldberg Wrestlemania 36

Okay, before I elaborate, let me just say that I have nothing but respect for Roman Reigns as well as Bill Goldberg. I would love seeing him all the time in the WWE even, but I don’t think putting him against Roman Reigns is the way to go.

Roman Reigns had a rather brilliant feud with Baron Corbin and I would have loved to see that continue until WrestleMania 36. There are tons of other wrestlers that could have taken this spot against Goldberg, so this came out of nowhere. Also, you are dealing with two wrestlers who have the same finisher. I don’t know about you, but I can see a major problem with that.

2. NXT Match With Little Stakes For Charlotte

Charlotte versus Rhea Ripley - 10 big booking mistakes

While I am VERY excited for this match-up between Charlotte and Rhea Ripley, something is missing. What is the purpose for Charlotte Flair to try to gain a title from the Black and Gold brand? And if she does, she will not hold it long. Frankly, I don’t think the main roster can cope without Charlotte in the women’s division.

I adore Charlotte, but I think she could have had a bigger match at WrestleMania. Rhea Ripley could have still gone to WrestleMania, but maybe against one of the underutilised women on the main roster. Or maybe they could have put her against Bayley, making it another winner takes all match with serious consequences!

3. The Fiend Is No Longer Champion

The Fiend

Honestly, at this rate you would think the WWE does not like money. The Fiend has been one of the more interesting champions to watch. After all, the WWE built him as an unbeatable and dominating champion. Yet, he loses the title after only four months?

That leads us to the matchup between The Fiend and John Cena. While I understand that the company had to give Cena something to do, what is the purpose of this match? If Cena were to win, I don’t see The Fiend character recovering from his loss to Goldberg at all. So, I hope the WWE knows what they are doing.

4. The Fear Of Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar

I so hope I am wrong about this, because Drew McIntyre is my personal favorite going into WrestleMania 36. Unfortunately, I know the WWE’s history with Brock Lesnar and their tendency to keep the title on him.

Even if Drew McIntyre takes the championship and makes it mean something again, nothing is stopping the WWE to do doing the same thing to Drew as they did to Seth. Please WWE, prove me wrong and give Drew McIntyre a decent title reign with some proper opponents. Thanks!

5. Where Is The New Blood?

Where's Ricochet for Wrestlemania 36?

Have you noticed how some of the new blood on the main roster is conspicuously missing from the WrestleMania 36 card? Ricochet is one of the most tragic examples. After losing to Brock Lesnar in a horrible fashion, he took a serious loss against the current 24/7 Champion Riddick Moss. I don’t know what this guy did, but he certainly doesn’t deserve that treatment.

While the WrestleMania 36 card does contain Shayna Baszler and Rhea Ripley, where are the likes of Andrade, Lacey Evansn and Aleister Black? Are we going to watch a lot of part-timers the entire night? No disrespect to the legends, but I would love to see some NXT-style action, too.

6. The Undertaker Takes On AJ Styles

10 Big Booking Mistakes for Wrestlemania 36

Again, I love both men and their accomplishments in wrestling. Evidently, this makes it hard to criticise a match that hasn’t even happened yet. But let’s be honest here. What is the point of this match for either of these two wrestlers?

Whether The Undertaker beats AJ Styles or the other way around, it doesn’t do anything for their individual careers. Neither man has anything to prove or gain in this match, so I am struggling to see why the WWE came up with it in the first place.

7. Too Much Focus On Four Women

Becky Lynch's Rumored WrestleMania 36 Opponent

Okay, so the WWE have decided to make Charlotte, Rhea Ripley, Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler the center of WrestleMania’s women division showcase. Once again, each of these wrestlers is fantastic, but here’s the problem.

There is nothing wrong with Rhea at WrestleMania, so let’s just skip that immediately. We also explained the problem of the match between Charlotte and Rhea, so let’s move onto Becky Lynch and Shayna.

Becky Lynch is having a little gimmick problem at the moment. There has been so much attention on her and the gimmick is becoming stale to many people. Then Shayna Baszler had to deal with some “This is boring!” chants on the main roster, so that does not bode well for a match between Becky and Shayna. But, it is expected that this match will be added to the card.

Can I just point to the countless women who are sitting backstage without opportunities at this point? The WWE is oversaturating certain wrestlers (Becky Lynch) and it is genuinely hurting them. So, why not add a bit more variety and keep your popular wrestlers?

8. Build-Up To Randy Orton Versus Edge

Edge and Randy Orton Wrestlemania 36

The build-up to the match between Randy Orton and Edge has been a little stale. The company has tried, bless them, but there has not been much to make us look forward to this match. It does have a decent backstory, so it really should be impossible to mess this up people!

9. United States And Intercontinental Problems

I do not even have to elaborate on this. The United States and Intercontinental title mean nothing anymore, not even at WrestleMania 36. Miz was the only one who successfully elevated the Intercontinental Championship, only to have it dropped back into oblivion. It’s tragic…

10. Not Booking CM Punk For A Single Match

CM Punk returns at the WWE Royal Rumble?

CM Punk wrestling would attract so many people to the WWE again, especially at WrestleMania. In fact, there is a perfect feud waiting for him with Seth Rollins, who is now the Monday Night Messiah. As this gimmick is clearly inspired by CM Punk, why can’t we see this on the grandest stage of them all?

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