New United States Champion Soon + Why AJ Styles – Undertaker?

Will we see a new United States Champion soon? And why are we getting set up for AJ Styles and The Undertaker in Tampa for 'Mania?

Will We See A New United States Champion Soon?

New United States Champion Soon
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As soon as word got out that Andrade had earned himself a wellness policy suspension, people wondered if we would see him drop the US Title. He had a chance to the night before his suspension became official, but WWE did not take the strap off of him at that time.

Now, with the current United States Champion set to return in time for Super ShowDown, new reports from Sports Illustrated indicate that the champ’s days are numbered.

Now, this could be subject to change, as so many other reports can be. Nothing is etched in stone, nor is it clear precisely when it could happen. Further, there’s no clear answer that the move is a response to his suspension. If anything, fans might be inclined to believe his suspension had nothing to do with the possible title change.

After all, WWE officials had to know during Andrade’s last appearance on RAW. During that show, he fought Humberto Carillo and retained the title. If WWE wanted to send a message over his suspension, one would think WWE would have done the title change then, in order to keep the title on television.

It will be interesting to see if WWE chooses to have the United States Championship change hands at the big Saudi show. Currently, Andrade is booked in a larger match on the card, with no mention of a US Title defense while in the Middle East. As with everything else, the card is subject to change.

Why Are We Expected To Get AJ Styles Versus The Undertaker In Tampa?

The Undertaker
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Last week, we made mention of some potentially huge WrestleMania matches. One option being lined up: AJ Styles versus The Undertaker. One big question would tend to be “how will we get there?”. Another would be “why?”.

In recent years. The Undertaker’s role at The Showcase Of The Immortals has been diminished. While many fans may have thought (or hoped) that The Dead Man had wrestled his last match, it appears we will get at least one more. So why AJ Styles at WrestleMania?

The storyline reasons will be fleshed out in good time. The reason for selecting Styles, however, is at least smart.

Specifically, WWE may be learning from the absolute train wreck that was Goldberg and The Undertaker from last year. While each man was, in their prime, capable…neither is active or in their prime today.

The same thing cannot be said about AJ Styles. Pound for pound, The Phenomenal One is still one of the best the company has. By pairing Styles up with The Undertaker, you put that match in a better position to succeed, per Wrestling Observer.

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