WWE Superstars Asked For Release

The Revival Asked For Their Release…Again.

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We learned last year that Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, collectively The Revival, had asked to be released from their WWE contracts. That request didn’t fly then, and it may not now.

That didn’t stop the pair from once again requesting to be released. Dash and Dawson made the requests last week-in spite of new offers from WWE.

According to Bodyslam.net, the tag team received offers purportedly in the 700k range per year. For those keeping score at home, those would be effectively the same figures that WWE offered to Anderson and Gallows.

While The Good Brothers stayed, it appears as though Dash and Dawson will not be. If there is to be a sliver of hope, fans could try to see the positive. For example, while Dash and Dawson rejected new offers, the pair still seems to be actively negotiating deals-meaning they have not yet truly checked out.

Possible Huge NXT Return Next Week?

Velveteen Dream

If you caught NXT this week, then you likely saw this:

Now, fans were busy dissecting this almost as soon as it aired.

The fans are hoping and suspecting that the cryptic post indicates that injured Superstar The Velveteen Dream could be on his way back.

The image teased that whomever is included in that, we can expect them on the next episode, which airs next Wednesday. Fans will continue to speculate-that is what fans do-but we likely won’t hear anything official until Dream shows up next week (or does not).