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WWE Is Cutting Back On Live Shows

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In what might be a surprise bit of news to some, WWE is cutting back on live shows. That report comes to us from the Wrestling Observer. 

Specifically, the report indicates that WWE will be making changes to its house shows. One specific change is expected to be a reduction in numbers of shows they run.

So, this could be good news, or it could be bad news-it depends on your perspective.

It could be good for a few reasons. First, think of this as “less is more”. If it becomes a quality over quantity concept, then perhaps the quality of the house shows will increase. Running fewer shows might also drive up attendance at those shows that are run. There had been reports in recent months that house show attendance was sagging, so by running fewer shows, this is one way WWE can respond to that issue.

For another, less shows would mean less wear and tear and travel for the Superstars and crew. That’s not really a bad thing. When we constantly hear how wrestlers are working 280 or 300 nights (or more) per year, then any reduction to that, even if by 10-20 nights, is a good thing.

This plan isn’t without a downside, of course. Fewer shows will mean less money coming in from house shows (unless attendance at the remaining shows goes up, or ticket prices also rise to make up the difference). Further, fewer shows would presumably mean fewer opportunities for mid-card talents to have breakout type matches.

This is worth watching to see exactly how WWE implements cuts, and how they are received.

Several Superstars Banged Up During Rumble Weekend

While many like to say wrestling is fake, it isn’t. It’s merely scripted, but the moves are real, and carry real risks of injuries. Several Superstars were reminded of that over the Royal Rumble weekend. The Observer reports that as many as 6 Superstars, from NXT to RAW, suffered some degree of a concussion.

According to Dave Meltzer, NXT Superstars Alexander Wolfe, Roderick Strong and Marcel Barthel are all believed to have been knocked silly. Wolfe can be seen suffering the effects of a kick to the head. The results of that had him effectively pulled out of the match. All three of these wrestlers were involved in the same match, pitting Imperium against Undisputed Era. The only take away here I could offer was that it was a hard-fought and intense rivalry match. Perhaps emotions ran high and moves had a bit more behind them than usual.

On the RAW following the Royal Rumble, three additional Superstars are believed to have suffered possible concussions as well. Samoa Joe appeared to ring his own bell on a suicide dive early in his tag match. He was removed from the match by WWE medical staff. In addition to Joe, it was reported that Rey Mysterio and Riddick Moss were also under evaluation. Moss made his main roster debut on RAW, but is a curious addition. While he was on television, he did not get physically involved, serving merely as Mojo Rawley’s on-air sidekick.