Will angel garza become the new A-lister?

The WWE has struggled to find wrestlers that could become the new face of the company. While there are guys such as Seth Rollins that are the full package, there has been a lack of serious new contenders in the company. However, a new wrestler has now come to the attention of the wrestling universe in the form of Angel Garza. According to many, he is a serious contender to become a WWE A-lister.

Angel Garza Gets WWE Main Roster Chance By Accident

Will angel garza become an a-lister

Angel Garza was not supposed to appear on the main roster and face Rey Mysterio and Humberto Carrillo. In fact, the entire thing happened by accident. The week before, it was revealed that Andrade was being suspended for a wellness policy violation. Andrade, who is currently engaged to Charlotte Flair, did not lose his title but his storyline with Rey and Humberto did get into jeopardy. Fortunately, Angel Garza came to the rescue and took Andrade’s spot.

Even though Angel Garza came in as a replacement, he did leave a lasting impression with the WWE Universe. He came over as a complete natural. Despite having Zelina Vega as his manager at the time, Garza’s appearance was quite memorable. So memorable in fact that some have called him the new Rey Mysterio.

Angel Garza’s Road To Success

Angel Garza

Despite starting on the 205 Live brand and NXT a little while ago, Garza has quickly solidified himself as a serious contender for a prized A-list position on the main roster. He recently won the Cruiserweight Championship. On the night of his win, he also proposed to his long time girlfriend Zaide, which saw him become a quick favorite among NXT viewers. Even though it did not happen during the actual show, NXT did tape the occasion and the footage was released later.

Room For Garza And Andrade?

Of course, Garza does have some amazing wrestling acumen to back it all up. Like some of the other wrestlers on the NXT and the main roster, Garza comes from a well-known wrestling family, which certainly explains his natural charisma and confidence in front of the camera.

Because Garza is Mexican, some fans believe that his accent could hinder him. But, I don’t think so. If you have the opportunity to watch his promo work, you will notice that the accent does not hurt him at all. If anything, I think it enhances his promo work.

In conclusion, I have no doubt that Angel Garza is main roster material and that he will get there. Of course, there could be a roadblock in the form of Andrade, who does have a similar background and gimmick. While I believe there is room for both, you never know what the company is thinking behind the scenes.

Garza might not come up to the main roster immediately, but it is only a matter of time. If the company plays its cards right, it could have one of the biggest superstars on their hands. He can do promos, has incredible wrestling acumen, and the charisma to boot. He only needs a little fine-tuning before he can be a main event superstar.