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Why Is Sami Zayn Taking On A Non-Wrestling Role?

WWE Sami Zayn

Was Sami Zayn injured? Is that the reason for his new role as a manager to Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura?

According to a report by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Zayn is just not being used by creative. That is the reason, not an injury, for his new role.

A shoulder injury did derail Zayn for a short time. But, he is completely clear and has been medically allowed to compete. However, creative wants him in this position working with Cesaro and Nakamura at the moment. Cesaro is a new addition, so we will have to see what happens with the group. They did just lose the Intercontinental Championship.

Most of the matches Zayn has competed in have been multi-man bouts either at live events or SmackDown dark matches.

The 35-year-old Zayn has competed around the world. Those include runs in Mexico, ROH, NXT and other promotions across the world. The Canadian-born wrestler is a former NXT champion.

Zayn also held gold in Ring of Honor as the television champion and tag team champion with Kevin Steen. Of course, Steen would become Kevin Owens in WWE. In 2010, the two were involved in one of the more memorable feuds of the year.

Teddy Hart Arrested, Booked On Multiple Charges

Teddy Hart

Tough times continue for Teddy Hart, a member of the world-famous Hart Family.

Late Tuesday night in Richmond, Virginia, Hart was arrested. He was booked on three charges of possession, possession of a schedule III controlled substance and possession with intent to sell and distribute. The charges carry a maximum penalty of up to 12 months in jail and/or a fine of up to $2,500.

Hart has had his run-ins with the law before. He faced multiple sexual assault charges in 2014. In 2017, he was arrested for attempting to evade arrest after being pulled over.

Both of those prior charges were dropped.

Where Has Teddy Hart Been?

Hart most recently worked with Major League Wrestling. He was released after requesting his exit several times. No reason was given for the release. Although, many speculate it had to do with Hart not appearing at show. No-Showing is a common occurrence from Hart. This has caused him to be blacklisted by some promotions. At the same time, fans have started to turn on Hart.

Ironically enough, Hart is set to appear in court on April 23, three days before a planned event by Hart Legacy Wrestling. The promotion is a pro wrestling business in Canada.

Hart’s Past With WWE

The 40-year-old Hart became the youngest wrestler to sign with the WWE. That was a developmental deal in 1998. Hart attended the “Funkin’ Conservatory” to work with Dory Funk, Jr. But, he was released due to “attitude problems.”

Throughout his wrestling career, he has found trouble. Many have said he wasted his talent. At his age and past, another chance with WWE seems unlikely.

Hart did eventually land in the WWE in 2005. He helped induct his uncle, Bret, into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006.

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