Who Will Bayley Fight

Who Will Bayley Fight At WrestleMania?

Who Will Bayley Fight

As things stand right now, we know who Rhea Ripley, the NXT Champion, will face at WrestleMania. Ripley is facing the 2020 Royal Rumble winner, Charlotte Flair. On this week’s RAW, it was confirmed that the winner of their Elimination Chamber will face Becky Lynch. Shayna Baszler is the favorite for that matchup.  So, who will Bayley fight?

According to the Wrestling Observer, plans appear to be setting up Bayley to face Naomi. Naomi just returned at this year’s Royal Rumble.

Some fans have other ideas, of course:

While I don’t think WWE would make this leap, it’s worth pointing out that Naomi is from nearby Orlando. WWE played up that hometown angle when she won the Women’s Championship when WrestleMania was last in Orlando. Would WWE play up that again? Tampa isn’t all that far from her backyard, though I don’t think it would help sell anything if they did.

Will Charlotte Do More In NXT?

Charlotte getting involved with NXT has partly been an effort to boost ratings. This is why we now have the 2020 Royal Rumble winner opting to face NXT Champion Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania. To build toward that match, we’ve seen Ripley on RAW. We’ve also seen Charlotte Flair on NXT’s weekly broadcast, as well as popping up at Sunday’s TakeOver. All of this does beg the question: will Charlotte do more in NXT?

According to the Observer, there is a thought that Flair will wrestle more than just the Ripley match.

Considering that Charlotte has not just taken out Ripley. Flair, at several points during the build up, has also interacted with Bianca Belair. Fans, myself included, have thought a triple threat would be good…

While it seems unlikely that WWE would make the WrestleMania match a triple threat, it does seem likely that Belair will have her chance to deal with Charlotte. The thinking is that we may get Flair and Belair for a Wednesday NXT show, as a next step in an effort to top AEW in the ratings.

Another Possible WWE Hall of Fame Member

We’ve already seen a few announcements pertaining to the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2020. The headliners will be Batista and the New World Order. We’ve also seen that the British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith. Now, we can add another rumored inductee to the list: JBL.

The first reaction to this? How was JBL not in the Hall of Fame already? JBL was an excellent tag team wrestler, primarily as one half of the APA. He was also a top WWE Champion and heel, presenting one of the more unique characters of his era.

When his wrestling career concluded, he took a turn at commentary as well.

His induction would be well deserved, though nothing has been formally announced or confirmed thus far.

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