Roseanne Barr talks Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and more

Roseanne Barr may be in exile from the entertainment industry because of her support for Donald Trump, but that has not caused her love for the President to decrease in any way. In a candid new interview, Roseanne doubles down on her Trump support and also gets a few digs in at former President Barack Obama.

Roseanne Barr Expresses Trump Support In New Interview

Showbiz411 reports that Roseanne Barr holds nothing back about her Trump support in the interview. Saying at one point, “I think the person he’s going to arrest first is President Obama. Obama will beg for Kenyan citizenship before this is over.”

Roseanne’s interview – Obama comment aside – is absolutely surreal to watch.

Here you have once megastar Roseanne Barr casually chatting politics while sitting on a porch that could be in any town USA, just sipping some orange juice and taking drags from a cigarette.  Then, she walks us inside and plops down in her average-looking American living room to continue her free wheeling political banter.

The hosts cover a wide variety of topics with Roseanne to include Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, General Flynn, Kanye West, social justice, mental health, being Jewish, and more. They cover a ton of ground and Roseanne is an entertainer so grab your popcorn.

Roseanne is not one to hold back. And she certainly hasn’t been shy about making her support for the President known.

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This new interview is sure to draw ample backlash from the Left. But then the unapologetic comedienne is no stranger to her words causing trouble.

Barr’s Exile From Hollywood

Barr has been in effective exile from Hollywood ever since May of 2018, when she posted a tweet about Obama’s former senior advisor Valerie Jarrett. Many found her comments to be racist and offensive.

ABC’s response was swift in canceling Barr’s highly rated sitcom “Roseanne”. She says she only signed over the rights to “Roseanne” when she was told there was no way the show would be renewed.

ABC then rebooted “Roseanne” as “The Conners,” killing off Roseanne’s matriarch character in a drug overdose offscreen.

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“What they did to me is unspeakable…They [ABC] hated Trump so bad they had to kill me [the character of Roseanne],” Roseanne said.

Diehard Fans Want Roseanne Barr Back

When “The Conners” did a live episode earlier this month, fans let it be known that they miss Roseanne on the sitcom.

“Let’s be real. There’s no “Conners” without Roseanne Barr,” one social media user commented. “This show sucks without her and you all know it. BRING BACK ROSEANNE!!”

“Watching the conners is like watching a sad home movie without someone you love present. Missing Roseanne Barr #bringherback #missher #Roseanne. Shame on you ABC,” another user wrote. 

“I would watch the Conners Live if Roseanne crashed the broadcast on ambien and everyone had to on the spot pretend her character faked her death,” a third user commented.

Radical liberals are allowed to spout out whatever leftist nonsense they want in Hollywood, but as soon as a conservative says something remotely controversial, he or she is blacklisted forever.

We aren’t going to defend Barr’s tweet about Jarrett, but that was years ago now and she has apologized for it many times.

Hollywood should forgive Barr and allow her to resume her career, just as they would if a liberal were in her situation.