Roseanne Barr will be a featured speaker at the Trumpettes Gala on February 1st at Mar-a-Lago along with speech by Donald Trump Jr.

It has just been announced that comedian Roseanne Barr will speak at the Trumpettes’ gala. The gala is being held at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida over Super Bowl weekend.

Barr To Be Featured Speaker At Trumpettes’ Gala

Barr will be the featured speaker at the February 1 event, which will also include a speech by Donald Trump Jr.

Trumpettes USA is the official organization of female supporters of President Trump. The group is made up of independent free thinkers who refuse to submit to the media narrative that women aren’t supposed to support President Trump, which makes an outspoken conservative female like Barr the perfect person to speak at their annual gala.

“Roseanne is is a really loyal Trump supporter,” said Trumpettes founder Toni Holt Kramer. “If there was ever anybody who really put their mouth on the line and said how much she loves the president, she is one of them. You can’t get a hotter name in town.”

Barr, an outspoken Trump supporter from the very beginning, has been effectively blacklisted by liberal Hollywood. The final nail was a tweet about Barack Obama’s former advisor Valerie Jarrett last year that many claimed was “racist.” Within hours of Barr’s infamous tweet, ABC had cancelled her eponymous sitcom “Roseanne.” And the iconic comedian has not been given another job in Hollywood since.

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Barr Is ‘Not Racist’

Kramer spoke out to defend Barr when announcing her appearance at the upcoming gala.

“I know Roseanne, and if I know somebody who is not racist, it’s certainly Roseanne,” Kramer told The Palm Beach Post. “She’s a phenomenal woman.”

She added that Barr has “had a really hard time” because of the show’s cancellation, and that the entire scandal shows how intolerant Hollywood is towards conservatives.

“You have to know Hollywood is a very left, Democratic community,” Kramer said. “They want everybody to be on the left. And if you aren’t, you’re not going to work very often.”

Hollywood Would Forgive Barr If She Was Liberal

We all know that if Barr was a liberal, she would have been forgiven for her tweet long ago. But since she is a proud conservative, the liberals of Hollywood gleefully use her misstep to crucify her. They see it as a convenient excuse to ban her from the entertainment industry for life.

Kramer concluded by saying that she could not be happier that Barr agreed to appear at her event. And Kramer credits fellow Trumpet Daphne Barak for convincing the unabashed comedian to do so.

“I said there’s only one person I want. I only want Roseanne because she is the magic right now,” Kramer recalled. “So Daphne said she called Roseanne, who was in Hawaii cooking [Tuesday] night and she says to Roseanne, ‘Will you come to Palm Beach and do the event?’ And Roseanne said ‘Yeah, I want to come. I’ll be there.’”

Barr should be seen as an inspiration to women everywhere. Roseanne Barr stayed true to her beliefs even when it meant sacrificing her own career.

We can’t wait to hear what she has to say at the Trumpettes’ gala!

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