Andrade Suspended For Wellness Violation, More On Sasha Banks’ Injury

Andrade gets suspended

It is a big week for wrestling this week. While Andrade gets suspended for an undisclosed wellness policy violation, it has been revealed that Sasha Banks’ injury has stopped her from entering the Royal Rumble.

Andrade Gets Suspended From The WWE

Andrade gets suspended but retains the WWE United States Championship

News has reached us that the current WWE United States Champion, Andrade, has been suspended from wrestling for thirty days. The reason for his suspension is a wellness violation, although the nature of this violation is currently unknown.

As you may know, the WWE United States Championship has not exchanged hands over the Royal Rumble weekend. In other words, Paul Heyman has decided to keep the title on Andrade, despite his violation. According to sources, Paul Heyman decided to keep the title on Andrade because he believes it is too soon for Humberto Carrillo to become champion. In other words, we will not see the U.S. Championship for at least a month.

On the bright side, Andrade will get to spend a bit more time with his fiancé Charlotte Flair. The pair have been dating for a while and recently got engaged as well. Since Charlotte won the women’s Royal Rumble and Andrade still has his United States Championship, things are looking good for the happy couple.

Sasha Banks’ Injury Stops Her From Entering The Royal Rumble

Sasha Banks' Injury Prohibits Her To Participate In The Royal Rumble

Up until now, fans had no idea about Sasha Banks’ injury and its overall severity. However, when she did not enter the Royal Rumble, it became clear that her injury was prohibiting her from entering.

Interestingly, sources claim that she was scripted to appear in the rumble This was a statement made by Dave Meltzer from The Wrestling Observer.

“It’s one of those things I think where every week they think she’s gonna get cleared, and she doesn’t. It was the same with the Rumble. She was scripted to be in the Rumble, but she was not cleared. So, yeah you know usually when there’s an injury and they don’t tell you what it is it’s more often than not gonna end up being a concussion and Sasha’s had a lot of them. I don’t know that’s the case at all, but I do know there’s an injury.”

There could be more to this story though. Last year, Banks took a long absence from the WWE. She would later state she needed to take time off for her mental health. However, rumors about Banks being unhappy with the WWE are now surfacing again.

Just before Sasha Banks spent some time away from the WWE, there was talk that the former women’s champion was really unhappy about losing the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. But, she has denied those rumors. Plus, she noted a strong Vince McMahon relationship.

Sasha banks injured or unhappy?

The strong hint came alongside a Chris Jericho Instagram post. It showed a photograph from the wrestling cruise. Banks then added a message stating “book me.” This is a strong statement when you consider Chris is the poster-boy for AEW. Maybe, Banks wants in at AEW.