Loretta Lynn Calls On Music World To ‘Keep It Country’ After Saying Genre Is ‘Dead’

Legendary singer Loretta Lynn has doubled down on her comments after she made headlines by saying that country music is "dead."

Last month, we reported that country music legend Loretta Lynn had shocked the music world by declaring that country music is “dead.” Now, the 87-year-old singer-songwriter is doubling down on her comments. She’s letting her fans know that she does not regret what she had to say.

Lynn Doubles Down

“I’m still getting lots of chatter about my thoughts last week on the state of Country Music,” Lynn wrote on Instagram, according to Fox News. “I’ve loved hearing from all my fans and so many of the other artists.”

She concluded her post with a piece of advice for the music industry, saying, “Let’s keep it country, y’all.”

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Lynn’s Original Comments

Lynn lamented that many changes need to be made in order for country music to go back to how it was in it’s golden age.

“They’ve already let it [die],” Lynn said. “I think it’s dead. I think it’s a shame. I think it’s a shame to let a type of music die. I don’t care what any kind of music it is. Rock, country, whatever. I think it’s a shame to let it die, and I’m here to start feeding it.”

When Martina McBride, who was interviewing Lynn at the time, said the legendary singer seemed “mad about it, she replied, “Yeah. I’m getting mad about it. I am. Because it’s ridiculous.”

“I’m not happy at all,” Lynn said. “I think that they’re completely losing it. And I think that’s a sad situation because we should never let country music die. I think that every type of music should be saved, and country is one of the greatest. It’s been around, as far as I’m concerned, longer than any of it.”

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Fans Agree With Lynn

Lynn’s latest post was met with support from fans, who mostly agreed with her about the state of country music.

“I agree with you and your beliefs on country music. It’s become something else. But it ain’t country,” one fan replied, with another adding, “We have been highjacked by money, out of town writers and musicians bring their stuff in and execs and labels are all about a dollar.”

“It makes me sad that most ‘country artists’ don’t make it anymore,” a third user wrote.

Lynn released her 45th solo studio album in 2018 “Wouldn’t It Be Great” peaked at No. 8 on the US Billboard Top Country Albums. Here’s the title song from the album.

Lynn has always been known to tell it like it is, and after decades in the business, she arguably knows more about country music than anyone. If she’s saying that country music is dead, industry executives and artists should take notice, because she might just be on to something.

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