Loretta Lynn

Country music legend Loretta Lynn just shocked her fans by declaring that country music is now “dead.”

Loretta Lynn’s Take On Country Music

Fox News reported that Lynn, 87, sat down with country music star Martina McBride on her podcast podcast, “Vocal Point” this week. Lynn held nothing back about her feelings on the state of country music during their interview.

“They’ve already let it [die],” Lynn said. “I think it’s dead. I think it’s a shame. I think it’s a shame to let a type of music die. I don’t care what any kind of music it is. Rock, country, whatever. I think it’s a shame to let it die, and I’m here to start feeding it.”

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Lynn Is ‘Mad’

When McBride, 53, replied by saying that Lynn seemed “mad” about what is happening with country music, the iconic legend fired back, “Yeah. I’m getting mad about it. I am. Because it’s ridiculous.”

“I’m not happy at all. I think that they’re completely losing it,” she continued. “And I think that’s a sad situation because we should never let country music die. I think that every type of music should be saved, and country is one of the greatest. It’s been around, as far as I’m concerned, longer than any of it.”

Lynn’s Health Issues

Lynn has suffered some health issues in recent years. She was even rumored to be on her deathbed in June. At the time, she shot these rumors down by posting a video to Facebook in which she made it clear that she is still very much alive and kicking.

“Hey, this says I’m in a nursing home and I’m on my deathbed. You’re kidding me! I’m not dead and neither is Willie [Nelson]! Both of us are coming back to life and we’re gonna raise hell,” she told her fans.

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“Well, through the years they’ve said I’m broke, homeless, cheating, drinking, gone crazy, terminally ill, and even dead!” she captioned the video. “Poor things can’t ever get it right. I guess if those old pesky tabloids are harassing me then they’re giving someone else a break……but I’m about an inch from taking ’em to Fist City! #raisinghell #yourmommashouldataughtyoubetter #tellthetruth#fistcity #trashtalkingtabloids #fakenews #liarliarpantsonfire.

Lynn suffered a stroke in 2017, forcing her to cancel all her tour dates for the year. She did not make another public appearance until she celebrated her 87th birthday in April 2019 with a star-studded concert in which many celebrities turned up to honor her.

With help from her friends, she sings the song that made her famous:

After decades in country music, Lynn arguably knows more about the industry than anyone, so her opinion on the current state of it should be taken very seriously.

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