loretta lynn health
loretta lynn health

Loretta Lynn has been the subject of rumors since she has been struggling with her health. The country megastar suffered a massive stroke two years ago and later broke her hip, but she is still very much alive and kicking and she’s not going to be quiet about that fact!

When tabloids started claiming the Coal Miner’s Daughter was near death and in a nursing home, she reached out to her fans on Facebook to set the record straight. She also took the opportunity to speak up for Willie Nelson who has also been the subject of similar rumors.

Loretta glanced at a “news” report on her iPad before blowing away any notions that she has one foot in the grave. The video was posted along with a lively message proving that Loretta Lynn is ready to fight back against this nonsense.

Well, through the years they’ve said I’m broke, homeless, cheating, drinking, gone crazy, terminally ill, and even dead! Poor things can’t ever get it right. I guess if those old pesky tabloids are harassing me then they’re giving someone else a break……but I’m about an inch from taking ’em to Fist City! #raisinghell #yourmommashouldataughtyoubetter #tellthetruth #fistcity #trashtalkingtabloids #fakenews #liarliarpantsonfire

Loretta’s words and spunk in the video matched the strongly worded post.

“Hey, this says I’m in a nursing home and I’m on my deathbed,” the country legend told fans in her Facebook video below. “You’re kidding me! I’m not dead and neither is Willie! Both of us are coming back to life and we’re gonna raise hell.”

Despite her health challenges, Loretta Lynn still has a lot of living to do. She is very much into celebrating and enjoying her storied life. “As long as you dwell on the bad, it’s taking the life away from you that you need to be living,” she recently said.

And if anyone says otherwise, she will take them to “fist city.”

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