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What Is Our Expected WrestleMania Main Event?

Expected WrestleMania Main Event

As we are now firmly on the Road To WrestleMania, it’s a fine time to wonder: what is our expected main event?

According to the Wrestling Observer, here are the  plans as of this moment. Brock Lesnar will be defending his title against Drew McIntyre. As always, it is worth throwing out the “card subject to change” caveat, because things can, do and probably will change between now and April. That doesn’t necessarily mean the main event will be altered, but anything is possible.

As far as main event options go, this choice seems like a safe play. In many other shows, not just WrestleManias, the main event usually happens to involve a championship.

If not Drew, then who?

There was some thought that Edge might have been in play. After his Rumble return, and with last week’s RAW setting up an Orton-Edge clash, it was an option. I don’t think anyone could blame them for going that route, considering we have not seen Edge at WrestleMania in basically a decade.

On the flip side, Lesnar and McIntyre might seem to be the safer bet. Both men are active and healthy, as opposed to one man being ten years removed from carrying a PPV main event. That doesn’t even mention any  lingering health concerns for Edge. The other side of the coin?

With WrestleMania getting ever closer, fans won’t have to wait too much longer to see what happens in Tampa.

What Happened To WWE Network Tiers?

In 2019, we started to hear rumblings of new tiered subscription models coming to the WWE Network. Thus far, we’ve not seen anything official from WWE. But the rumors still persist that we will see changes.

According to PWInsider, the tiers do exist and are still coming. Obviously, they just have not happened yet. The plan had been to unveil them in time for last month’s Royal Rumble. That target has come and gone, but perhaps the new tiers would be rolled out by WrestleMania, in an effort to attract new subscribers ahead of the biggest show of the year.

While nothing has been documented by WWE and released for public consumption, the expectation was that there would be additional content added to the existing Network fare, with at least some of that new material deemed “premium”, and thus only available to users of a certain tier.

However, there’s been no concrete indication that WWE might also offer a discounted level below existing pricing. A low tier model would work with ads. And, they would be a great source for revenue for the WWE.