Chris Pratt launches Indivisible Productions with Pledge of Allegiance theme

Popular A-list actor Chris Pratt announced on Instagram that he is opening his own production company. His fans will appreciate that Pratt designed Indivisible Productions to bring unity and help bridge “the growing divide in our country and world.”

The beloved Christian actor’s mission is to deliver entertainment that is “One Nation, Under God, Indivisible.” Unity and patriotism isn’t often celebrated or promoted in Hollywood. Outrage and anti-American sentiment have fueled some box office success in the past. But, Pratt wants to change that.

Chris Pratt’s Indivisible Productions

The 40-year-old “Guardians Of The Galaxy” star, who married Katherine Schwarzenegger in June of 2019, is a proud American who realizes that most of us are as well.

Indivisible Productions intends to fill the gap for those of us who want that unity and patriotism reflected in the entertainment we choose to watch. The name of Pratt’s company  along with its mission and launch messaging evoke the Pledge of Allegiance.

Yes, you read that correctly. An A-list actor honored the increasingly besieged Pledge of Allegiance in the name of his new Hollywood production company.

This is not Colin Kaepernick’s brand of entertainment. Pratt’s endeavor boasts a uniting message.

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In the “Jurassic World” actor’s Instagram post announcing the creation of his production company, Pratt gives followers a behind the scenes look at his office. In the video, Chris Pratt shows artwork depicting his Hollywood roles and sings songs from the various movies.

After just one day, the Instagram video below announcing Indivisible Productions launch has over 3.7 million views and loads of comments. People want this brand of entertainment!

A musical sneak peak at the walls inside my office.
So grateful for each step of this wonderful journey.
I’ve started a company.
Indivisible Productions
One nation
Under God
Our mission statement is to create entertaining content, focusing on themes which will help to bridge the growing divide in our country and world. You know, make the world a better place. No biggie, you’re welcome, but it’s whatever.

Christian Actor

Refreshingly, Chris Pratt is not shy about who he is and his beliefs. He highlights his Christianity in interviews and during awards shows. He tweets Bible verses too. And even read the Christmas story from the Bible at Disneyland!

Hopefully, faith will take a prominent role in Pratt’s Indivisible Productions.

That very well might be the case. In 2018, Pratt defied Hollywood by telling teens to love God while delivering his Teen Choice Award acceptance speech.

“I Want to thank God,” the Hollywood A-lister told America’s teens. “I always do that when I’m up on a big platform in front of a bunch of young faces. I say “I love God. That’s my thing. And you should too.”

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Video of Pratt’s acceptance speech is below.

I’m walking with just a bit more optimism in my step today knowing that there’s a Hollywood star willing to bring the Pledge of Allegiance into our modern day entertainment.

Hats off to you, Chris Pratt. May Indivisible Productions become a smashing success!

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