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Kansas City Chiefs Player Is Psyched To Visit The Trump White House!

Super Bowl champ Kansas City Chiefs starting corner Bashaud Breeland says "everybody" should want to go visit the White House.

The Kansas City Chiefs aren’t allowing politics to interfere with their Super Bowl celebration like some NFL players have done in recent years. Starting corner Bashaud Breeland said he’s excited to make the trip to the White House to meet with President Trump.

Kansas City Chiefs’ Christian Culture

In this era of political intolerance, athletes and celebrities have taken aim at President Trump. Many attack him on social media and snub his invitations to visit the White House.

But, the 2020 Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs have proved to be a very different team. Their owner has helped established a culture of respect that isn’t seen in many other clubhouses today.

That respect has been given to President Trump by many of the players. They recognize that it is an honor to go to the White House. It isn’t a political event. It is a national celebration.

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt has encourages a Christian culture of faith on the team. He holds pre-game services for fans at the stadium and players are offered the ability to come together for Bible studies. Hunt allows and encourages his employees and players to live their faith. They don’t have to leave their Christianity at the doorstep when they come into work or step on the field.

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Super Bowl Champs Visiting The White House

TMZ Sports caught up with Kansas City Chiefs corner Bashaud Breeland who expressed his excitement at visiting 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“Why would I not [go], man?!” the starting corner told TMZ. “It’s an experience that everybody, every kid would want to go to.”

“I want to go see what the White House is like!” Breeland continued.

Good for him! After all, who wouldn’t want to go to see what a behind the White House tour is like? Isn’t this something that American kids dream about? Let these Super Bowl champs celebrate their win in style.


Coach Andy Reid agrees. He was asked shortly after winning if the team will meet with President Trump at the White House. His answer was a resounding YES!

“I mean, I’ll be there. So, if they’re inviting us, I’ll be there. It’s quite an honor I think,” Reid says in the tweeted video below.

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The Chiefs certainly aren’t taking marching orders from anthem protester Colin Kaepernick.

At a pre-Super Bowl press conference, Defensive end Frank Clark wore a sweatshirt of Kanye West meeting Donald Trump in 2016. Clark said the picture depicted a “very historical  moment in our history.”

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Have fun at the White House! The Chiefs deserve it!

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