Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid says the champs would be honored to visit the Trump White House

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid confirmed that he will definitely be going to the White House if the Super Bowl champions receive an invitation from President Trump. He sees the chance to meet with our Commander-in-Chief as an “honor”.

While many with Trump Derangement Syndrome consider meeting with our President to be controversial, the Chiefs coach didn’t hesitate to declare that he would be happy to go to the White House.

KC Chiefs Coach Andy Reid Calls A White House Invite “An Honor”

“Oh man, I hadn’t even thought about that,” Reid said in a post Super Bowl press conference in the tweeted video below. “I mean, I’ll be there. So, if they’re inviting us, I’ll be there. It’s quite an honor I think.”

According to Sports Illustrated, coach Andy Reid is the first member of the Chiefs organization to comment on a potential White House visit. And players on the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs have yet to comment.

Some extreme liberal athletes have been boycotting attending White House events to celebrate national championships since Trump’s historic 2016 election.

This has always been a nonpartisan event. Those infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome don’t appear to understand that.

Many of us would love to be at a White House event no matter who occupies the White House.

Kansas City Chiefs’ Culture Of Christian Faith

The Super Bowl champion Chiefs do things much differently than other teams. The owner, Clark Hunt,  has developed a culture of faith for the team and its fans.

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The team has bible studies on Monday nights and there are even pregame church services for fans so they don’t have to skip church to cheer on their team.

This supportive and encouraging environment fostered a winning attitude that led the Kansas City Chiefs all the way to the Super Bowl. Faith matters and it can propel you to do amazing things!

While other athletes spew derogatory comments towards our President or police officers, this is not what fans got from this Kansas City Chiefs team.

Defensive end Frank Clark also stunned the media at a pre Super Bowl press conference when he wore a sweatshirt featuring President Trump and Kanye West’s meeting at Trump Tower after the 2016 election. When asked about it, he made it clear that he is a Trump supporter.

“Never forget, man!” Clark boasted to members of the press. “Y’all know the moment when Donald Trump met Kanye, a very historical moment in our history.”

BACKSTORY: KC Chiefs Frank Clark Wore ‘Historic’ Kanye And Trump Sweatshirt To Super Bowl Press Conference

We can’t wait to see coach Andy Reid, owner Clark Hunter, humble Christian quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Trump fan Frank Clark, and the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs crew celebrate their Super Bowl victory at the White House very soon!

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