WWE's Royal Rumble Winner

WWE’s Original Men’s Royal Rumble Winner

The Men’s Royal Rumble Matches was full of big entrants, with Drew McIntyre walking out the victor. Of the final four superstars, only McIntyre had not won a Rumble. That changed as he took out Roman Reigns to punch-in his WrestleMania 36 ticket.

Apparently, McIntyre winning was not a guarantee. On the Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer stated that Aleister Black was in the running for a blockbuster win.

“Aleister Black was in the running for the Lesnar match,” said Meltzer. “The decision was made to go with McIntyre, and it’s probably the right decision considering it’s probably early for Aleister Black. But, he was absolutely in the running for that decision.”

McIntyre looked strong in the Rumble, with his performance solidifying that he is main event ready. After WWE Champion Brock Lesnar tossed out half of the participants, McIntyre was able to send him over the top rope. From there, McIntyre was able to clean house and came off strong in the process.

NXT Star Has Heat

NXT Matt Riddle at the Royal Rumble?


The Royal Rumble was a busy time for Matt Riddle, as he made headlines in all the wrong ways. Now, it appears Riddle has heat with WWE according to Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer Radio.

During Rumble weekend, Brock Lesnar approached Riddle. It sounded like less of a confrontation and more of Lesnar putting the NXT star in his place.

“Yeah, he isn’t in the forefront and there’s a reason why he was in and out so quick [in the Royal Rumble]. It was more than just getting heat for Baron Corbin which is what the outcome was, but the idea was that yeah, whatever it is. I’m not there I can’t speak for his attitude. I can only speak about his performance. His performance is really good.”

Meltzer continued how WWE still sees potential in Riddle. Also, there is the factor that they do not want him joining All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

In the past, Riddle has butted heads with UFC’s Dana White. Then, last year, Riddle and Goldberg had issues.