Update On CM Punk’s In-Ring WWE Return – And It’s Not Good!

There has been lots of speculation that CM Punk could return to the ring since appearing on WWE backstage. Still, Punk does not seem interested!

Since CM Punk returned to the WWE, there has been a lot of speculation that he could make an in-ring return. That being said, it does not appear that the superstar has any interest in doing that.

This much is certain after he responded to a proposed storyline from a fan.

CM Punk Has No Interest In A Stone Cold Steve Austin Match

WWE CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin

Back in 2012, the WWE was building towards a match between CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania.

They did this to promote the release of the WWE ’13 wrestling video game. However, the match never took place. One astute fan probably remembered this potential match and proposed a Saudi Arabia storyline to CM Punk, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the WWE on social media. He asked fans to retweet if they would love to see it and like it if they would not like to see it.

Unfortunately, the fan with the social media name @freeway_chris did not get the reaction he hoped for. Most fans responding did not like the idea.

However, the thing that stood out most is that Punk liked the post himself. In other words, he is not up for the match.

Will The WWE Get Punk Back In The Ring?

CM Punk

While it may seem unlikely that Punk will make a return to in-ring competition, I would not rule it out completely.

Some time ago, nobody believed that Punk would ever be associated with World Wrestling Entertainment again. Now, he is on WWE Backstage and has a role within the company.

I can imagine how the company would have to throw money at Punk for an in-ring return, even if it is a brief one.

If it is going to happen, I would imagine we will see the superstar at number 30 at the Royal Rumble. This year’s Rumble could be very interesting, as there are more rumored returns. Harlem Heat and Edge are just some of the names that are being thrown out there.

If World Wrestling Entertainment manages to get Punk on the Rumble list, it could be one of the best Royal Rumbles in years.

In short, if we do not see him at the Rumble or WrestleMania, it is probably not going to happen.

Is He Still The Superstar We Remember?

CM Punk
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Many people used to love Punk and everything he stood for. When he left the company, it propelled him into superstardom and gave him a huge following.

In fact, his name was mentioned whenever World Wrestling Entertainment disappointed.

But is he the man most fans remember?

The wrestling universe has changed considerably since Punk left the company. It is something to think about, as it could make a return for the superstar disastrous.

His non-traditional WWE style is no longer unique. Just look at the likes of Matt Riddle, Aleister Black, and other superstars who bring something new.

In this environment, Punk will no longer stand out. So, maybe it is not a bad thing that he is refusing a return at this point?

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