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The eighth season of Tim Allen’s hilarious sitcom “Last Man Standing” just premiered. In the lead-up to the much-anticipated event, Allen gave an interview expressing why he thinks the show has lasted this long.

He was joined by comedian Bill Engvall who reprises his role of Reverend Paul in the show this season. The two “road comics” share an incredible dynamic and enjoy each other’s company.

Allen Discusses “Last Man Standing’s” Longevity

Allen gives much of the credit for the show’s longevity to his incredible writing staff, but he admitted that there are other factors to it as well.

“I go out on the road and this is it. This is a nonpolitical show. I love that the guy, the dude I play, has an attitude,” Allen said. “I love that he’s Archie Bunker, as I’ve said from day one. It’s Archie Bunker that went to U of M. He’s an engineering and marketing guy, so he’s bright, but he has an attitude and he’s angry.”

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“But I go on the road with this, 44 gigs this year, and I don’t see politics like people see it,” he continued. “The most of America where I tour and you too [comedian Bill Engvall], is kind of the base of this country and that’s what this show celebrates. We don’t make fun of religion. We’re not pushing religion. We don’t make fun of relationships. We don’t push it. But we honor family.”

There is one group that the show makes fun of, however.

“Last Man Standing” Mocks Liberals

“And we honor connections with friends and we honor making decisions that are good for your community. It’s the little subtle things these guys do,” Allen said. “We just don’t make fun of stuff…except liberals. Just whatever the button is to push, we like to push that button. It’s right now that the tender stuff is what…  what do they call it, snowflakes? Whatever that PC, correct — we like pushing that a little bit.”

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“Last Man Standing” is known for being one of the only shows on television that dares to make fun of liberals. Many have argued that this is what got the show cancelled by ABC in 2017. It was cut after six seasons despite its incredibly high ratings. Thankfully, Fox picked up “Last Man Standing,” and the show has continued to be a huge success there.


Liberals Need To Learn To Laugh At Themselves

We applaud Allen for having the guts to go after liberals, and we wish more shows would have the courage to push the left’s buttons in this way. Liberals need to learn to laugh at themselves, and “Last Man Standing” is hopefully helping them to do that.

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