Surprise Superstars For Rumble + Next Feud For Andrade?

We know we will have surprise superstars for the here are two potential names to keep in mind. Also, who may Andrade fight next?

Possible Surprise Superstars For The Royal Rumble

Velveteen Dream

The Royal Rumble is just a week away. This show is one of WWE’s fabled “Big Four” PPV. Every year, fans go crazy speculating about what possible surprise entrants. Some of these might go to incoming new talent. Others may go to call-ups. Lastly, some return slots are planned out for Superstars with injuries.

With that last bit in mind, we have a couple new names to consider for the Rumble. Specifically, per PWInsider, these two individuals are expected to be in Texas during the Rumble. It’s entirely possible that these two gentlemen make their returns as surprise entrants.

And just who are those two individuals?

How about former world champion Jinder Mahal and hot NXT Superstar Velveteen Dream.

Both men have been off of WWE television for an extended period of time due to injuries. It appears as though their time off could be nearing an end.

While no return is confirmed (and it would not be confirmed ahead of time), each of these two Superstars fits the bill for a big surprise. Jinder Mahal might not be the most amazing name on the list, for sure.

Specifically, of the latest names rumored for the Rumble, Velveteen Dream is easily the most exciting of this most recent pair.

Dream has been long speculated to be a call-up to the main roster. He is, when healthy, one of the hottest Superstars. The relatively young star seems close to a WWE return.

Of the two men, I’d go out on a limb and state that a returning Velveteen Dream might just win the evening. He may not win the Rumble, but if Dream shows up during the match, much of the crowd will go crazy. Plenty expect him to be a breakout star sooner than later.

What Will Andrade’s Next Feud Be?

Charlotte Flair Andrade Engaged
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Card subject to change, of course, But now that Andrade has claimed the United States Championship from Rey Mysterio, fans have begun to wonder who the champ will feud with first.

How about none other than Humberto Carillo?

The Superstar has been quite impressive since showing up as a main roster feature last year. According to the Wrestling Observer, fans may very well get to enjoy Andrade versus Humberto Carillo soon enough.

It wouldn’t be a shock for that feud to end with a new United States Champion. According to certain reports, Carillo was actually in line to defeat AJ Styles for the belt late in 2019. Obviously, those plans changed.

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