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Prince Andrew is at risk of losing his around-the-clock, armed security. This is part of the fallout from his chummy relationship with convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. What happens to Andrew could foreshadow what’s to come of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s taxpayer funded security. Following the couple’s recent and abrupt announcement that they are breaking from their senior Royal family roles.

The UK’s Home Office reviewed the need for taxpayers to foot this massive bill after the Duke Of York was relinquished of his Royal responsibilities. They gave Andrew a thumbs down, stating that he was no longer in need of 24/7 security.

Now, the final decision regarding security rests with Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Losing security would be a huge blow to Randy Andy as he has had it his entire royal life.

Prince Andrew And Jeffrey Epstein

Prince Andrew stepped down after his disastrous interview regarding Epstein created a massive Royal scandal last Fall.

In its aftermath, Prince Philip was furious with his son and told Andrew to take his medicine given he was the cause of all these problems.

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Now, it looks like a dose of that medicine could likely include losing his security team.

Blowback from Prince Andrew’s disastrous interview continues and signals that he might be soon left to defend himself.

In his primetime television interview, Andrew said that he couldn’t have been with then 17-year-old Virginia Roberts the night she claimed Jeffrey Epstein forced her to have sexual relations with the Royal. The Prince contends that he was at Pizza Express in Woking, Surrey with his daughter that night.

It seems that could be quickly corroborated by confirming where Andrew’s security team was that night as they are always tracked. But, the Metropolitan Police have denied a public records request for this information citing security concerns.

It’s hard to find this as a valid reason for denying a request for information 19 years ago. Many see this as the police covering for Prince Andrew.

Implications for Meghan And Harry

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are likely to watch this decision closely. Since they are skipping out on Royal duties and want to move to Canada, British taxpayers are likely to put up a fight to be released from certain financial obligations. Like the couple’s round-the-clock, armed security.

Thus if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex move to Canada, that could put those taxpayers on the hook for the tab. The largest Canadian newspaper just released an editorial stating Meghan and Harry are not welcome to move there just to use their country as a “halfway house.”

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Princess Diana’s Security

Princess Diana was offered Royal security following her divorce from Prince Charles. She denied the offer, opting to choose her own personal security team.

It’s hard to believe that the Met would have allowed for her to get into that car on that deadly night in France.

Only time will tell if certain decisions come back to haunt Prince Andrew and Prince Harry.

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