Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have signaled that their abrupt exit as senior members of the Royal Family is in part politically motivated.

They allegedly want to return to the actress’s stomping grounds of Los Angeles but will not do so while Donald Trump is President of the U.S.

They plan to wait it out in Canada until we have a new Commander-in-Chief. With Harry’s departure from his family wildly unpopular, this is a good case for re-electing President Trump.

Meghan Markle Supported Hillary Clinton

The “Suits” actress was active in leftwing politics prior to marrying into royalty. She championed liberal causes and she was a supporter of Hillary Clinton. She even hosted the twice-failed presidential candidate at Frogmore Castle for a chat and to meet Baby Archie.

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The Royal Family is not permitted to be engaged in politics. So, Harry’s desired abdication of his royal role might allow Markle the opportunity to be politically active in American politics.

But, with many people comparing the ambitious and manipulative new Royal to Yoko Ono, who is blamed for breaking up The Beatles, Meghan might not get the intended effect. People don’t want to take advice from a pariah.


Harry And Meghan’s Detour To Canada

An inside source has revealed that Meghan and Harry will be setting up shop in Canada until Donald Trump is no longer occupying the White House. Meghan apparently can’t stand the thought of living in the United States while he is President.

Before marrying into the Royal Family, the American divorcee described Trump as divisive and misogynist. At that time she said she would remain in Canada if Trump won the election in 2016. She and Harry also did not attend a reception with President Trump at Buckingham Palace last month.

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Harry and Meghan made their announcement to move to Canada on Instagram without thoroughly discussing the plan with the Royal Family.

The Queen has ordered Harry, Charles, and William to meet for an emergency family meeting to hash this all out. This should have been done before Harry and Meghan publicly turned their backs on them via a social media post. More information about this crisis meeting is in the video below.

Prince Charles Is Cutting Off Harry

Prince Charles reportedly is threatening to cut Harry off financially if he breaks with his royal responsibilities and duties.

From Page Six:

Ninety-five percent of the Sussexes’ costs are bankrolled by income Charles earns from the Duchy of Cornwall estate, while the remaining 5 percent comes from the taxpayer-funded sovereign grant.

Money might not be a concern for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as Meghan has reportedly already signed a contract with Disney for VoiceOver work. Many are left wondering if this was Meghan’s plan from the beginning. By marrying into the Royal Family, she has become a worldwide name. If she and Harry leave their Royal responsibilities behind, she can cash in on her fame.

Many Royal watchers are now hoping Queen Elizabeth strips Harry and Meghan of their titles so they can’t use them to sell merchandise.

Any political involvement would leave a stain on the Royal Family if the couple retain their titles.

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