NFL Quarterback Says ‘God Is Still On The Throne’ During Live Interview

After winning his first ever NFL playoff game, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins took time during an interview to proclaim his Christian faith.

Staying humble isn’t a common trait among NFL players. Even more rare is a professional player who wears his religion on his sleeve. Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins fits both of those bills. He is not afraid to proclaim his faith and praise God during a live television interview.

Kirk Cousins’ First Playoff Win

With Cousins leading the charge, Vikings defeated the New Orleans Saints during last weekend’s playoff game.

It was just the quarterback’s second playoff game ever and he completed 19 out of 31 passes for 242 yards. More importantly, it was the first playoff win of his NFL career.

But, when speaking with Fox Sports, Kirk Cousins didn’t take a victory lap. Instead, he took the opportunity to focus on the strong Christian faith which helps ground him.

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Kirk Cousins Was the Underdog

Before the game, Cousins had been facing criticism from the press regarding his ability to win a playoff game.

He was signed to a $84 million three-year contract with the Vikings and failed to make the playoffs his first season. So the quarterback was expected to lead them this year, and he did. Scoring an upset victory over the New Orleans Saints on Sunday.

Chris Myers of Fox Sports asked Cousins how he has been handling the stress.

“I know you are deep in your own faith,” Myers said to the quarterback. “I know you try to handle it like a professional but you can’t block all the outside noise.”

“Ultimately, it is about the team. I am just trying to do my part for this team, help us win,” Cousins replied. “The quarterback carries weight but that comes with the job. Like you said, my faith is important to me. It is the foundation of my life.

“And ultimately, that is where I gain my peace and strength,” he continued. “Win or lose today, God is still on the throne. And I take comfort in that.”

A clip from this interview is in the tweet below.

Patrick Mahomes Also Is A Devout Christian

While there are plenty of stories about arrogant and self-serving NFL players, Cousins isn’t the only quarterback in the playoffs who doesn’t shy from his faith.

Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes also shares his Christian faith which he has followed since his teen years.

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Cousins and Mahomes are proof that you can accomplish a lot when Jesus is the focal point of your life!

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