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Actress Margot Robbie, who is currently starring in the anti-Fox News movie Bombshell, gave a new interview over the weekend in which she lamented that she needed to use Twitter to come to the realization that conservative women actually are ‘real’ people.

The Struggle To Play A Conservative Character

Margot Robbie explained to E! News that when it came time for her to research her conservative fictional character of Kayla Pospisil in the Fox biopic Bombshell, she had no idea where to start since her own political views are so radically different from the ones she was meant to portray.

“Kayla and my political point of views are different,” Robbie said.

In the interview, Robbie acts as if playing a conservative young woman was one of the greatest challenges of her career.

But it was just a year ago that Robbie starred as the 16th century British Queen Elizabeth I in Mary Queen of Scotts. One would think that role would be far more challenging for a modern day actress than playing someone from her time just with different political views.

Margot Robbie Didn’t Believe Conservative Women Were ‘Real’ People

Perhaps what made the role of a young conservative woman so challenging is that as a member of the Hollywood elite, Robbie did not actually believe this type of woman really existed.

In fact, Margot Robbie said in her interview that she had to do tons of research to figure out that a conservative woman was a “real person”.

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“I found Twitter to be a useful tool to hear what young, conservative millennial girls were thinking and saying,” she said.

“I just needed to to come around to how they see the world. It takes a minute, you do your research, and then it clicks, and then they suddenly feel like a real person.”

Hollywood Has Dehumanized Conservative Women

This ridiculous interview perfectly sums up just how much Hollywood and the liberal media has dehumanized conservative women, as well as conservative minorities.

This is the extreme to which the false narrative that conservatives are only old white men has been pushed. Margot Robbie, a member of the Hollywood bubble and much like many Millennials, is brainwashed to believe that conservative women are not real.

It’s ironic that the left constantly accuses the right of sexism. Especially when it is liberals who tell women that they can’t think of themselves. To the point they believe that there is something inherently wrong with a woman who dares to stray from leftist ideologies. And, as a result, conservative women are looked down upon and mocked by their liberal peers.

Yes, Margot Robbie, conservative women are real human beings. You should not have needed Twitter to figure that out.

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