Dr. Phil Show: Dominick the moocher

A grown man mooching off his mother got served up a healthy dose of reality by Dr. Phil. Dominick’s sister, Kippi, had enough of him couch surfing at mom’s and using her credit card so she reached out to the talk show host for help.

Dominick can’t get motivated to get off the couch unless he’s running to the store with his mom’s credit card. He does leave the house for paramedic classes but that’s only on Saturday and that leaves him with plenty of excess time to nap and play video games while his mom is slaving away at work.

Better Than A Minimum Wage

25-year-old Dominick claims he’s too good for a minimum wage job and refuses to work in fast food. So instead he just hands his bills over to mom to pay. His mom works full time at a hospital and now she is considering getting a part time job in addition to that to cover for her dependent son.


“I’m so much better than that,” Dominick whined to Dr. Phil. “To get a menial job at a fast food restaurant or a gas station, I’m sorry, I’m just not going to do that.”

These are fighting words for Dominick’s younger sister who feels he is taking advantage of their mother. She’s had enough and wants him to get off the couch and get a job.

“I’m angry and I feel my mom can’t stick up for herself,” his sister Kippi reports. “You know my brother makes excuses for everything. Anything that happens to him is not his fault … I want him to start taking responsibility.”

Dominick has incredibly had sixteen jobs in just seven years. He claims he’s never been fired, but rather he quit because the jobs just weren’t a good match for him.

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The 25-year-old’s main excuse for his unemployment is that a black cloud hangs over his head. That cloud prevents him from getting a job that isn’t as demeaning to his ego as a “menial job.”

This is just a canned excuse to enable him to continue having unlimited time to play video games, snack, and nap during business hours.

The video below spotlights Dominick’s mooching off his mom. If you value responsibility, you are going to be cheering on his sister who won’t accept his laziness as an excuse.

Enabling Parents

Enabling parents can cause lifelong problems for their children. Dominick’s mom wants to push him off the couch but her nurturing side gets in the way.

Thus creating a larger problem where he son is unable to take care of himself and thus perpetuates a dependency cycle that that will remain long after she no longer is able to support him.

Dominick’s mom is doing him no favors by placating and enabling his laziness and mooching attitude.

“You’ve heard that old saying the harder you work, the luckier you get? It’s true … You said that you want to be a firefighter, which would be a great job,” Dr. Phil later scolded Dominick. “But I’ve got to assume they’re not stopping by the couch to talk to you about it. You’ve got to go to them, right? You’ve got to take the action and go to them.”

His shiftless attitude certainly isn’t becoming of someone who wants to be a firefighter. This guy needs to get off the couch and get to work!

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