WWE Creative The Usos' Return

The Usos seem to finally be headed back to TV as WWE creative is working on some storylines. Also, it is time to kill an AEW rumor.

WWE Creative Working On The Usos Return

WWE Creative The Usos' Return

The Usos have not been working any WWE shows since the summer, but that appears to be changing. Wrestle Votes repots that WWE told their creative department to come up with storylines for the twin brothers.

2019 has not been the best year for The Usos. In February, Jimmy Uso was arrested for DUI. He got into a heated exchange with police offers and allegedly took off his shirt and appeared to be looking for a fight. 

Once a taser gun was pulled, he calmed down and was taken into custody. His wife, WWE superstar Naomi, was present and allowed to leave the scene. Jimmy struck a plea deal for no contest to interfering with a government employee and he was ordered to pay a $450 fine.

In July, Jimmy again was arrested for suspension of DUI. He fought the case and it went to a jury a few weeks ago. He was found not guilty of DUI.

During this entire ordeal, Jey Uso and Naomi were also removed from WWE. There is no word if Jimmy sought any type of help for problems related to alcohol.

The Usos have been with WWE for 10 yearspastedGraphic.png and have remained a consistent in the tag team division. Hopefully, they can jump back into the title hunt as WWE’s tag division is currently lacking.

AEW Rumor Killer

There were some rumors floating around that All Elite Wrestling (AEW) was looking to bring an authority figure to TV. Dave Meltzer reported on F4Wonline that AEW is currently not looking to do such a thing.

One of the names that people were speculating was former ECW World Champion and WWE announcer Taz. He has worked for AEW before, serving as a commentator during AEW Dark in November. Also, he was present during their Full Gear pay per view.

Taz will be appearing on the January 1 Homecoming episode of AEW Dynamite as part of the announce team. He will work alongside Jim Ross and Excalibur as Tony Schiavone will not be present, as he is covering the college’s Sugar Bowl on radio.

As of now, there is no word if AEW is looking to bring Taz in on a full-time basis. He must have impressed officials enough, if they are brining him back for the first AEW show of 2020.

WWE’s Use Of Authority Figures On TV

Of course, WWE has used authority figure roles for decades. At first, we had commissioners such as WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter. Once WWE split the brands up, RAW and SmackDown would get their own general managers. 

Countless names would hold the position until it was removed in 2018 when the McMahon family said they would be taking charge as ratings on both shows continued to decline. But, NXT still has a general manger in William Regal and NXT UK has Johnny Saint. Unlike on RAW and SmackDown, Regal and Saint do not get heavily involved in storylines.