Hardys Family Feud + AEW Gets Extreme Announcer This Week

Family feuds aren't all that fun. They can be worse when aired on social media, which is what the Hardys are going through. AEW also has an extreme voice

Hardys Family Feud Unfolds Via Twitter

Lots of beefs and grievances get aired via social media in this day and age. It’s not always the best forum for it, but it can make for engaging theater.

Over the weekend, Matt and Jeff Hardy’s wives (and Matt as well) engaged in a rather nasty back and forth via Twitter. The root of this spat links back to Jeff’s recent DUI arrest, and both Matt and his wife Reby wanting to see Jeff get the help he certainly appears to need.

Here’s the first shot, from Jeff’s wife:

And, since it’s a feud, Reby Hardy chimed in, followed by Matt.

Things certainly look a bit broken and awkward between the Hardy families, especially given how close they live to one another. Without taking sides, given Jeff’s incredible talents, fans have to hope he can finally conquer his demons, if not for his wrestling career, then for his family.

AEW Gets Extreme Announcer

This week, AEW is running Dynamite out of Philadelphia-the home of Extreme Championship Wrestling.

While in the City of Brotherly Love, AEW will have an Extreme voice.

Former ECW Champion Taz has been announced as a guest on AEW Dark.

Taz is a talented voice, as he currently shares hosting duties on a major morning radio show as well as his popular podcast. He has also reportedly auditioned for the new FS1 WWE studio show, among other notable names.

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