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If you had the pleasure of watching the September 5th edition of Monday Night RAW, then you treated to a Twitter work from former WWE Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks. Now, I mean that in the most exciting way possible, as on the cusp of RAW, as per a tweet from Banks herself, it seemed that the superstar had an announcement that was ‘bad news’.

The good news is, it wasn’t bad news at all, well maybe for Charlotte; as Sasha has been cleared for action and has her sights set on the Women’s title and the current champ. The promo was incredible, with an emotional Sasha speaking from her heart and talking about the women’s revolution. So what could be the bad news in all of this? Vince Russo, former WWE writer and producer, has a Twitter account. Seriously though, Russo chimed into the promo, ripping Sasha for comments she made during the segment. Specifically, a part where Sasha referred to the fact that WWE female superstars no longer have to partake ‘bra and panties’ matches to draw in crowds. It’s important to note, she did reference Mae Young, The Fabulous Moolah, as well as Trish Stratus and Lita as pioneers of the women’s wrestling revolution. This is what Russo had to say about it all:

My first thought is: what color is the sky in Vince Russo’s world? My second thought naturally gravitated to: did he post that tweet, simply to get a reaction?

I’m going with number two.

Anyhoo, it’s no secret, even the female superstars of the past weren’t fans of the bra and panties match. And while I can understand why some male fans liked them, they were degrading to the females that participated in them. Were they a means to an end? Absolutely! Do I judge any of the past women wrestlers for being in them? Not at all. However, to imply that what Sasha said was at all insulting to these female superstars of the past is moronic, at best. She did not put these females down in any way; she was just celebrating the fact that women can now draw without being degraded, as such. The beauty of the women’s wrestling movement is the fact that these beautiful superstars (all in their own unique way), are now able to showcase their athleticism, and truly tell a story in the ring.

Secondly, (referring to Russo’s post about some females being sexist PIGS) whether you are talking about male or female, 90% of the WWE roster is gorgeous. Now, saying that, beauty is also in the eye of the beholder, so, maybe technically, everyone in the WWE is gorgeous. I digress, what I’m trying to say is we are talking about sports entertainment, so these performers (for the most part) are also going to be athletic. Sure, there are some who are more athletic than others, but overall, you could put a paper bag on a Banks, Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella (or John Cena, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose), and they would still be quite attractive. There’s always going to be an element of sexiness (and sex in general) within the WWE, because (going back to my first point), the roster is made of primarily gorgeous beings, who are in awesome shape, and are easy on the eyes. It’s the basis of what entertainment business is all about in general. To imply that women who aren’t fans of the ‘bra and panties’ matches are sexist, because the men are barely dressed, is ridiculous. Each superstar has a unique persona, therefore a unique costume to suit their character. Some of the male wrestlers perform fully clothed, because it suits their character (Dean Ambrose and The Dudley’s come to mind first, but I’m sure there are others), while someone like John Cena only wears shorts (not at all skimpy or revealing). Much in the same way the female wrestlers now wear costumes. While Nikki Bella’s may be the most revealing on the current roster, it suits her character.

Fans are going to look and admire their favorite superstars; for the most part, due to their talent and entertainment value. However, some may find them sexy or physically appealing, it’s human nature and very normal. Still, the way I perceived Banks’ comments about B&P’s matches was the idea that women no longer need to solely use their sexuality in the ring; it’s not something they need to cling to anymore. People can most certainly admire them, but it won’t be the only focus. Females in the WWE are no longer a side show, now they are celebrated for their athleticism, in-ring techniques, and what they can do on the mic. They are part of the show, and really a big reason behind why the new era is so exciting.

Perhaps Russo was just looking to gain some heat, or relevancy for that matter, as no matter how you twist and turn what Sasha said, it by no means takes away the hard work and dedication that many of the female superstars of the past had during the Monday Night WARs. After all, in many ways, Madusa ignited the flame of this rivalry to begin with, and used zero sex behind the move. And what a powerful move it was.

Still, this isn’t the first time Russo has been negative about WWE’s product. Ironically, he watches RAW weekly (for the most part) and constantly tweets ridiculous things, perhaps looking for attention. For someone who is so anti-WWE, it’s interesting just how much time he spends viewing programming. Well, at the end of the day, here’s hoping that Russo’s comments will only continue to elevate Banks. Her promo was incredible, and instead of focusing on the ramblings of someone who is obviously bitter; perhaps it is better to focus on the positive side in all this: The Boss is officially BACK!

WNZ fans … what are your thoughts on Vince Russo’s tweets? Leave your comments below!

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