Vince Russo Thinks WWE & AEW Working Together

– All Elite Wrestling (AEW) continues to dominate headlines, thanks to their incredible first-ever event, Double or Nothing (DON). From the solid matches, to surprising appearances by both WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart and ex-WWE superstar, formerly known as Dean Ambrose, now-known-as Jon Moxley; it seems like all pro wrestling fans can talk about lately is A-E-W!

Therefore, it makes it no surprise that Vince Russo has been watching, and he has come up with a conspiracy of sorts. See below tweet:

AEW and the WWE “in bed” together is an it’s an interesting theory, whether you agree with him or not. It’s hard to ignore that AEW threw some shots at the WWE during their DON show, and the WWE has made some innuendos around All Elite in the past as well. Plus, Sami Zayn dropped the “AEW” bomb last night; however, it’s hard to tell if this was improvised, or if WWE officials ‘okayed’ it being in the script as reports around this story are conflicting.

– AJ Styles was pulled from last night’s fatal four-way match on RAW where the winner was set for a Universal title match at Super Show Down against Seth Rollins. While Baron Corbin was inserted in the match and ended up taking it all, it was stated on air that AJ was taken out of the bout because he suffered from a minor back injury at Money in the Bank. Not much was else explained around AJ Styles’ injury, and sometimes it is hard to decipher whether or not an injury is serious or just part of the story.

Styles recently commented during a Mixer account live stream that he’s injured and dealing with a shoulder issue, but it’s not that serious. Seems as if he’s been dealing with a (acromioclavicular) AC joint problem for some time now, which was first thought to be a fracture; however, this is not the case. Styles noted that he hopes he’s not out for long, and all he may need to heel up is a shot to decrease swelling.

Regardless, this seems like a “wear and tear” issue within his body. Everyone here at WNZ wishes AJ Styles a speedy recovery.