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Why Didn’t WWE Backstage Talk About Jordan Myles Or Mauro Ranallo?

When Fox announced it’s new, WWE-centric weekly talk show, one thing we were promised was a no holds barred approach. Both WWE and Fox made it abundantly clear that, while there was a relationship, WWE would not dictate what the show could, or could not, discuss.

Since the show debuted, it’s gotten the most attention for the unannounced pseudo-return of CM Punk. With such a move, Fox was showing that it could do things that WWE could not or would not do. That being said, just because Fox could do something, does not mean that they always will.

Case in point, WWE recently had some touchy subjects come to the surface in the form of Jordan Myles. Not long after, we had the uncomfortable and all too public spat between Mauro Ranallo and Corey Graves.

WWE Backstage did not touch on either news story, in spite of the supposedly no holds barred approach we alluded to earlier.

According to Ryan Satin, the reason was relatively simple. In both instances, the topic of mental health and wellness played a significant role in what transpired. Given the sensitive and delicate nature of such a topic, Fox made a smart decision in not addressing the news item in any way, shape or form.

It’s nice to see that just because Backstage can tackle any topic it wishes to, doesn’t necessarily mean they will tackle every topic out there.

Cody Rhodes Granted WWE Permission To Use Dusty’s Name

Cody Rhodes Files Trademarks

Much has been said and written about the new 21st Century “wrestling war” we are in the midst of. It basically kicked off with the birth of All Elite Wrestling. Now, with AEW on TV and running regular PPV shows, interest is increasing.

Over recent weeks and months, The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes has been quite active with trademarking PPV names.  Given that most names are ones his late father, Dusty Rhodes, conceived, the legal moves make sense. Cody was and is dedicated to preserving his father’s legacy. If there was a PPV name that Dusty had a hand in, that Cody feared WWE would exploit or trash, then Cody was staking his claim to it.

WWE, for their part, filed a slew of trademarks for some defunct PPVs as well. Some on the list included older WCW PPV names, along with some ECW staples.

Most recently, WWE’s NXT brand announced that once again, it’s popular tag team event, the Dusty Classic, would be returning in 2020. But with all the legal wranglings, how is WWE able to use The American Dream’s name, in any way, shape or form, considering how possessive and protective Rhodes is?

Yet, the two sides can still work together…sort of…

Now, from none other than Cody Rhodes (via his Twitter account), he states that he gave formal permission to his former employer, so that they could once again pay tribute to the man who was so passionate about WWE’s youngest brand. Specifically, a fan tweeted to Rhodes about how he (Cody) should hate WWE and Rhodes responded. Here’s the exchange:

It’s nice to see that, in spite of the business side of things, Rhodes seems to respect his father’s role within WWE, and WWE’s desire to continue to honor a wrestling legend.